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Our adviser helps students choose UNHS courses, establish study skills and plan for college.

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Study Skills

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Thanks to the independent study format of the University of Nebraska High School's courses, you can discover the study methods that work best for you, helping you prepare to be successful in college.

With extensive experience in working with online students, our administration and staff have noticed several characteristics of successful online students, which they have described in a recent article.

Characteristics of Successful Online Students

Throughout this section, we present information and resources to improve your study habits and academic success.

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Study Skills
  • Set personal goals for each course.
  • Establish a regular study time and location, free of distractions and interruptions. 
  • Create a daily study schedule.
  • After your first week, evaluate your online class schedule. Reassess the amount of time you are allowing for each course.
  • Map out your courses on a calendar and/or planner.
  • Make a weekly to-do list.
  • Use a daily checklist.
  • Keep all of your school materials in one place.


If you've tried several study techniques and are still struggling with subject matter content, you may consider extra help. 

  • For questions concerning UNHS unit evaluations, projects or progress tests, e-mail
  • For more formalized tutoring, explore the resources at HippoCampus and Khan Academy. These are free tutoring sites with multimedia instruction covering a variety of subjects.
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