Meet the Staff at the University of Nebraska High School

Barbara Wolf Shousha
Barbara Wolf Shousha, Director
My personal experience of completing independent study courses when I was in high school is what makes me such an advocate for our school. I know that I developed a strong focus and sense of responsibility because I was able to work at my own pace. In my career in the classroom and in corporate education, I have felt privileged to support student success.I am glad every day to bring my twin passions for business and education to the University of Nebraska High School.

Phone: (402) 472-4424

Hugh McDermott

Hugh McDermott, Principal
My goal is to assist students in obtaining their critically important high school diploma. UNHS provides a variety of courses to help students solve scheduling conflicts, offer advanced courses, including dual enrollment courses, and can help students stay on the path to graduation.

Phone: (402) 472-4338

Debby Bartz

Debby Bartz, Adviser
Over the years, the University of Nebraska High School has had a direct impact on thousands of young people’s lives. I enjoy helping students, families and schools select an academic path that will help them reach their educational goals.I especially appreciate the opportunity to work with students and families worldwide. I look forward to assisting students in their educational journeys.

Phone: (402) 472-3388

Ray Henning Ray Henning, Adviser

Something I have really enjoyed in working for the University of Nebraska High School is the opportunity to help students design an educational plan to meet their individual needs. I like to know that I am assisting them in something so important to their future.

Phone: (402) 472-3388

Carolyn Hovermale

Carolyn Hovermale, Teacher
I love working for the University of Nebraska High School—every day is different! When the phone rings or I open an email, I don't know who will be there. It might be a student or parent from here in Lincoln or from half way around the world. If you ever need a question answered or help with a course, please contact me.

Phone: (402) 472-3071

Tim Brown

Tim Brown, Teacher
I believe that given the right opportunity and effort, any student can be successful regardless of their circumstances. I enjoy interacting with students in all kinds of different situations, in all kinds of different places, doing all kinds of different activities.

Phone: (402) 472-5833

Charlotte Seewald

Charlotte Seewald, Assistant Director, Recruiting
I am proud to represent our school and promote the wonderful educational opportunities it provides. The University of Nebraska High School prepares students to reach their educational goals. Having met graduates of our high school who are now educators, I am reminded of the life-long positive impact our school can make.

Phone: (402) 472-1922