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The University of Nebraska High School has been developing quality distance learning curriculum for nearly a century. UNHS is an affordable and trusted resource to help students make the most of their summer learning opportunities. Our knowledgeable educators, wide variety of online courses, and reliable support staff make online learning more efficient and enriching than ever.

Educators appreciate that UNHS gives them the ability to help expand curriculum, solve schedule conflicts, offer credit recovery, support transfer students, address teacher and budget shortages, and challenge high-achieving students.

Students love the convenience and flexibility offered by UNHS. Our open enrollment, independent study program means that students have the freedom to learn at their own pace from anywhere, anytime. Students can continue accelerating toward their academic goals regardless of season, academic term, or time of day.

Parents value the affordability of UNHS courses as well as the dedicated parent portal in Theorem, our learning management system. With approved access, parents can view their student's information such as a list of courses in which the student is enrolled, the student’s progress through their courses, and course deadlines.

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Path To Success Resources

Learning online does not mean students are navigating their education alone. UNHS has helped students map a path to success for decades. We make sure students have the resources they need to thrive, including access to real people, in a real location, with a real passion for helping students realize their academic goals!

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For more than 95 years, thousands of students around the world have chosen UNHS to help them achieve academic success. We offer core, elective, AP®, dual enrollment, and NCAA-approved courses in eight subject areas.

Choose from courses in eight subject areas:

  • Career Tech icon  Career and Technical Education
  • English Icon  English and Language Arts
  • Health Icon  Health and Physical Education
  • Math icon  Mathematics
  • Natural Science icon  Natural Sciences
  • Social Studies icon  Social Studies
  • Performance Art icon  Visual and Performing Arts
  • World Language icon  World Languages

How courses work:

Once a student enrolls with UNHS they will receive instructions on how to get started in their course by logging into Theorem, our learning management system. In Theorem, students will gain access to the following:

  • Course Content
  • Assessments
  • Progress Reports
  • Grades
  • Teacher Feedback
  • Announcements

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We work hard to provide a distance-learning environment where students can achieve their academic goals. Map a path to success with UNHS this summer!