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First Year German

New Course: First Year German

Guten Tag! Students will explore German culture, geography, literature, telling time, and math as they learn the necessary vocabulary and rules of grammar they will need to communicate effectively in German.

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The University of Nebraska High School office will be closed Monday, May 29, 2017 in honor of Memorial Day. Students and proctors may still access WayCool during this time. All new enrollments, assignments and other requests will be processed in the order in which they were received when the high school reopens on Tuesday, May 30, 2017.
Students are encouraged to participate in the UNHS Yearbook by submitting one photo and a quote which answers this question – how has being a University of Nebraska High School student allowed you to chase your dreams?

Student Spotlight

A Love for the Game Becomes a Grand Slam Friendship

From the U.S. Open to the Junior Wimbledon, 2 UNHS competitors rally a friendship off the court. Learn More
Student Finds Passion in Both Arts and Sciences

Jennifer utilizes UNHS to pursue her passions simultaneouslyLearn More
UNHS Student Spotlight | McGrath
Siblings Become Part Of UNHS Family

Two of seven siblings graduating from UNHS.Learn More
Hansel, 12 year old pianist
Inspired by Mozart, Dedicated to Practice

At 12 years young, Hansel is a devoted pianist with a bright musical and academic future.Learn More
Meghan, Angola, Africa
Student Finds Her Mission

Meghan plans to continue in her family's footsteps, providing medical care to communities abroad.Learn More
Mann Brothers Reaching Their Dreams

We all have that one big dream, and for the three Mann brothers that dream became a reality at a young age.Learn More
Mott Parks Blair Sailing
Student’s Passion Sails Strong

Since Mott Parks Blair was young, he has loved sailing. Growing up on his parents’ sailboat, he doesn’t remember a time when he wasn’t sailing. Learn More
Citizenship 101
Citizenship 101 American Flag and Statue of LibertyCitizenship 101 is a free online non-credit short course that provides essential civics education & prepares students for the U.S. civics test.