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We offer 24/7 access, accept enrollments any time of year & provide 5 to 52 weeks for course completion.

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We have served students with distance education for more than 80 years. An important strength of our online high school is our continued connection to the university, a top research institution.

Ocean Biology

Course Highlight: Ocean Biology

Discover the vast diversity, structure, function and ecology of organisms in the world's ocean. UNSH Store

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Applying Bloom's Taxonomy to an online course
Find out how Bloom's Taxonomy principles apply to online courses like those offered by the University of Nebraska High School (UNHS).

NCAA changes for 2015-16
Students seeking eligibility to participate in Division I and Division II college athletics must be aware of these changes.


Student Spotlight

Tanner Whorl
Illness teaches, inspires UNHS student

"Never give up!" Tanner lives by this motto, which was sparked when he was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis at age 12.Learn More
Jayla Johnson
Student Explores Veterinary Science

While many high school students are just starting to consider their career path, Jayla Johnson has already begun pursuing studies in biology and veterinary medicine.Learn More
Shane Linden
UNHS is "home" for recent grad

Shane Linden considers China and Wisconsin home, but with 37 UNHS courses completed, the University of Nebraska High School is, too.Learn More
Patrick Rugel
Launched into rocketry

Patrick Rugel was inspired at the age of 10 to build rockets—he's never looked back.Learn More
Laura Portrait
Academic excellence no matter the distance

UNHS student in South Africa becomes National Merit Semifinalist.Learn More