University of Nebraska High School Nebraska Students: University of Nebraska High School, online program


The University of Nebraska High School is proud to serve the students and schools of our state by offering accredited online courses at an affordable cost. Nebraska residents receive a discount making each one-semester course $200 + books and materials. 

Many students in Nebraska have chosen to supplement their local school’s curriculum with UNHS courses to:
  • Take courses not offered at their school
  • Fit the courses they need and want into their school schedule
  • Get ahead on credits or graduate early
  • Catch up or stay on path to graduation
  • Begin AP courses during the summer

"I want to go into [engineering] in college, and our school doesn't offer anything like it, so [UNHS] has given me a class I wouldn't have been able to do. The pre-engineering course has given me an idea of which type of engineering I'd like to go into." —Kristin, Pierce High School

"I'm not going into astronomy or astrophysics, but astronomy was always something I liked, and we only touched on it for a chapter in freshman science. It's kind of a hobby for me, and just something that I was interested in, and I could get in depth into the spots I wanted to thanks to the UNHS course." —Caleb, Pierce High School

Home school students in the state have also elected to receive their diploma from UNHS. Parents and students in Nebraska should review and understand the full-time status policy when they begin using UNHS as their full-time school.