Proctor Information

Proctors Ensure Course Integrity

As an accredited high school, UNHS has requirements associated with test taking. A proctor is required to administer closed-book progress tests. A proctor may also help set schedules and monitor student’s progress.

Who Can Be a Proctor

  • Current or retired teachers, counselors, administrators, head librarians or extension educators
  • Military base education officers, chaplains and higher level commissioned officers
  • Embassy or consulate officials

If transferring credits to a local school, the local school must approve the proctor by submitting the Local School Approval form. This will ensure a smooth transfer of course credits.

Who Cannot Be a Proctor

  • Family members of students may not serve as proctors unless approved by UNHS administration, and then only in extraordinary circumstances.
  • NCAA students should not use their coaches as proctors due to NCAA guidelines.

A Resource Guide for Proctors

The Proctor Guide is a complete resource for proctors and includes details about proctoring tests, troubleshooting advice and basic dos and don'ts.