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Flexible, college-prep

The University of Nebraska High School is an accredited, college-prep high school offering more than 100 core, elective and Advanced Placement courses online. All core and AP courses are also NCAA-approved. 

Through our school, students can:

  • Enroll anytime of year
  • Complete course in 5 to 52 weeks
  • Access their coursework 24/7

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UNHS Courses

Since not all students learn the same way, our individualized study approach fits the learning styles of many different types of students. The content and instructions of each course serve as the instructor’s voice, guiding students through concepts and assignments for successful completion.

Courses, which are presented in units and lessons, include:

  • Reading assignments
  • Self-check activities
  • Practice activities
  • Projects
  • Unit evaluations
  • Progress tests

UNHS partners with Follett Virtual Bookstores to provide textbooks and instructional materials for purchase.

UNHS Teachers

Our teachers average 9.5 years of experience with UNHS. They are all Nebraska certified and certificated in their subject areas. If students or proctors have questions regarding course content, they are welcome to contact our lead teachers via phone or e-mail.

How Courses Work

WayCool, UNHS Course Management System

Through UNHS’ course management system, WayCool, students access their online course content, coursework, grades and instructor feedback.

Accessing Courses

Following enrollment, students receive an e-mail with their username and password for WayCool. If a student has purchased a print course, all information will be available via the printed syllabus, which will be mailed.

Sequencing & Gating

Sequencing means all teacher connect activities, unit evaluations, projects and progress tests within a course must be completed by the student in the order they are presented. Gating means only one assignment per course can be submitted per day.

Submitting Assignments

Courses include graded and non-graded assignments. Students must submitted all graded assignments, and should complete non-graded assignment to learn the content and prepare for graded evaluations and progress tests.

Most assignments are submitted through WayCool, though some may be submitted through DropBox. A few assignments such as art projects must be mailed to UNHS.

All progress tests, whether submitted online or by mail, are administered by an approved proctor.

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Student Perspective

UNHS helps active students accomplish their academic goals without sacrificing quality.

Counselor Perspective

UNHS courses give counselors options to:

  • Expand curriculum offerings
  • Keep students on path to graduation
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts