As an independent learner you are in control of your education, which gives you some additional freedoms that you may not experience otherwise.

You are basically in charge of:

  • What you do
  • When you do it
  • How well you do

You determine if you treat high school learning as something forced upon you—a task to just get done—or as an opportunity that you can use to discover yourself by setting goals and achieving them.

Through independent learning you have the freedom to:

  • Choose how you spend your time
  • Select courses based on your goals
  • Use learning styles that fit you—visually, hands-on, auditory, etc.
  • Ask for help—UNHS students e-mail
  • Pursue other interests such as athletics, hobbies, volunteer opportunities, etc.
  • Re-invent yourself as a student by learning new things

Through independent study you also have the opportunity to become several types of learners all wrapped up in one.

  • Being an enthusiastic learner will guide you to being a curious learner, one who takes responsibility for their high school career and doing all they can to prepare for college or employment.
  • Being an industrious learner will give you the experiences to develop your intelligence, pursuing critical thinking and problem solving in everything you do.
  • Being an organized learner will prepare you for time management, so you have time to study and be successful with your homework while still spending time with family and friends as well as having time for yourself.

Embrace the freedoms of independent learning and use them as opportunities to grow into the student and person you hope to be!