Our students come to the University of Nebraska High School for many reasons, including the need for flexibility, convenience, academic rigor and college preparation.

If you are seriously considering our program, here are some steps I suggest you take.

When you are ready to become a diploma student, start by submitting official transcripts for evaluation. Mr. Henning and I will carefully review all credits earned and suggest course options or a curriculum plan. Review the report and write to us if you have further questions.

If you are planning to supplement your curriculum with our courses, you do not need to have a transcript review. Instead complete the Local School Approval Form with your local school before you enroll.

Once you’ve decided to enroll, enjoy choosing courses that meet your needed requirements but also fit your interests. We’re proud to provide a variety of career courses that can help you make plans for your future. After enrollment, order materials and textbooks, plan a study space and collect supplies.

Newly enrolled UNHS students should check their e-mail to receive access information for WayCool, the online course content system. Diploma students will also receive quarterly e-mail newsletters from our administration—supplemental students are welcome to subscribe. Finally, we hope you will connect with UNHS on Facebook to stay informed.

Once into a UNHS online course, please be sure to:

  1. Read the course introduction for each course.
  2. Use the sample study guide to determine the best study plan.
  3. E-mail our lead teachers at unhsteach@nebraska.edu if you have any questions.

We are so proud to welcome new students to our school. I hope to meet you soon!