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Kassi Abbott hockey goalie
Kassi Abbott

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"Set goals, and reward yourself when you achieve them."
—Bailey Mach, 2014 Graduate

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Q: Where can I find my UNHS Student ID number?
A: On your WayCool home page above your course listing to the right of your name.

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The staff members of the University of Nebraska High School are proud to average almost 10 years of experience in serving students and educators.


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Thoughts from Mr. Stark

Barry Stark ISHS PrincipalAs you work to prepare for college, I encourage you to take courses that will make you more successful at the post-secondary level.

According to the National Math + Science Initiative, 44 percent of 2013 U.S. high school graduates are ready for college-level math and 36 percent of 2013 U.S. high school students are prepared for college-level science.

You can beat these statistics by taking advantage of the University of Nebraska High School’s:

These 33 courses give you options to stay on track and opportunities to explore your interests.

You also have course choices that can help you choose a career, such as:

By taking these types of courses in high school, you can gain valuable insight, thus saving time and money in college.

Barry Stark
UNHS Principal


Important NCAA update

Students working toward academic eligibility through the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) must be aware of the many requirements throughout their high school career.

As of this year, following their sixth semester, students must submit transcripts to the NCAA for review. UNHS diploma students should order their transcripts through Supplemental students should work through their local school.


Registration for dual enrollment starts 1/5

The next semester of dual enrollment courses through UNHS and the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) begins January 5. Students must register through UNHS and submit payment to UNO by March 15 in order to receive credit. The courses must be completed by May 15.


Make a portfolio

It is important for all students to keep a portfolio of their best work throughout college. Whether this is an online folder of some sort, or a physical one, holding on to your great assignments will give you items to reference during the college application process.

This task is particularly important for students seeking academic eligibility through the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) as they will be required to show some of their work.


Eleventh grade: A critical time

UNHS students who reach the 100-credit-hour mark are considered in their eleventh grade or “junior year”. It is a very busy and demanding stage of your high school journey. In terms of college preparation you should:

  • Continue enrolling in challenging courses
  • Work hard to earn good grades
  • Get involved by volunteering and/or taking leaderships roles in your community

It is also important to:

  • Attend local college fairs and virtual college fairs
  • Visit university and college campuses
  • Begin researching for content and scholarship opportunities
  • Prepare and take the college admissions tests

By the end of your junior year, you should choose four to six colleges that you will submit applications to during your senior year.

If you have any questions, please contact the UNHS academic advisers.


How to choose UNHS; get started

From Debby Bartz, UNHS Academic Adviser

Our students come to the University of Nebraska High School for many reasons, including the need for flexibility, convenience, academic rigor and college preparation. If you are seriously considering our program, here are some steps I suggest you take. >>>


Yesterday & today: College search success

From Debby Bartz, UNHS Academic Adviser

Researching the right college was an epic task for past generations. In the 1960’s,‘70’s.and 80’s the magnitude of reviewing brochures and reading the College Search Guide Books was daunting, but it was the main method for college discovery. Some students were fortunate to visit campuses and many based their decision on where family or friends had attended. >>>


College-prep series now available

With most of our graduates going on to four-year post-secondary institutions, it was important to us to provide extensive information about preparing for college. We called upon the experts at our own University of Nebraska campuses for the following articles.

Find this series and more applicable college application information in the resources section of our website.


UNHS book review

From Debby Bartz, Academic Adviser
Generation iY by Tim Elmore

This book discussed life-long learning and how each generation brings gifts to challenge society through technology, education needs, leadership styles, faith and protecting the earth. While reading the book my heart kept telling me that I need to continue to learn about being a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, educator, neighbor and leader. There is a need for generations to gather their strengths and engage the world.

Lifetime learning is more than a choice, it is my responsibility. So, what am I going to do to be a life-long learner? I have:

  • Challenged everyone in my life including my family, UNHS co-workers, students, parents, educators and coaches worldwide to read the book.
  • Set aside 30 minutes per day for reading books that require in-depth thinking.
  • Started a journal of new and challenging ideas and made a plan of how to use them effectively to positively engage my community and the world.
  • Listened carefully to the generations that surround me and continue to embrace all that I can learn from them.

Albert Einstein shared this wisdom: “Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” I believe it is true.

Will you take my challenge?