University of Nebraska High School Home School: U. of Nebraska High School Program

Parents Are Talking
"I'm very grateful for the UNHS program. To have my children at home has been a gift to my heart that I couldn't begin to describe. UNHS has also given them the challenge and acquired discipline to succeed in college, and this will carry into the foundation for their adult lives."

– UNHS Home School Parent of Three, GA.

Home School

UNHS Proudly Supports Home School Families

We understand the personal attention students and parents appreciate when educating from the home.

Through UNHS, students can take single courses as needed to supplement their at-home curriculum or earn a full, accredited diploma. Our college preparatory curriculum helps students meet college entrance requirements, and it teaches them the skills they need to be successful during college.

Choosing to Home School

  • Educate yourself on home school requirements or laws that may govern the area where you live
  • Research curriculum options
  • Consider your child's post-secondary plans and how home schooling can support those
  • Discuss the pros and cons with your child as well as the expectations you will have
  • Discuss co-curricular activities your child may want to participate in
  • Learn how to prepare a home school transcript

Advantages of UNHS for Home School Families

Home School Resources



Diploma: Get Started

Start by submitting an official transcript. Upon review, our academic adviser will provide a suggested course sequence.

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