University of Nebraska High School Successful Students: U. of Nebraska High School, online program

"UNHS instilled hard work, dedication, and goal-orientation in me. These have served me well in the creative field I am now in."

– UNHS Student, Three Years After Graduation

Successful Students

Christopher Madigan 
Christopher Madigan
 Gwyneth Talley
Gwyneth Talley

Thidling Family
Thidling Family


UNHS students and graduates are what make the University of Nebraska High School outstanding.

Student Achievements

- Graduates attending exceptional colleges and universities
- Olympic performances and other athletic accomplishments
- Beginning or growing careers in the performing arts
- Creating or participating in volunteer and charity organizations
- Embracing new cultures while living abroad
- Overcoming personal challenges to accomplish high school goals


Each year at our graduation ceremony, students say a few words about their high school experiences and future plans. The stories we hear are about students' successes and each person’s outlook for a rewarding future. We are consistently inspired at this event and throughout the year as we learn of our students’ accomplishments.

Creating Successful Online Students

UNHS’ curriculum is designed by distance learning experts for maximum student achievement. There are certain characteristics that can help students succeed online. 

Characteristics of Successful Online Students