University of Nebraska High School AP International Diploma: U. of Nebraska High School

AP International Diploma

UNHS has assembled the scope of courses necessary for students to earn the Advanced Placement International Diploma (APID) through the College Board.

The APID is available to international students attending secondary schools not based in the United States, but may also be useful for U.S. students looking for post-secondary education or a career abroad.

All criteria, including AP Exam scores, is available on the College Board website. You need to complete an exam in each of the following subject areas:
  • English
  • World language (not English)
  • Global perspective
  • Math, science or computer science
  • Other (cannot be English or world language)

Here are the UNHS courses students can choose from with the goal of meeting the requirements for the APID:

To get started, enroll in a UNHS course.

Please note that UNHS courses may be used in addition to local school courses to meet the APID criteria.