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UNHS is accredited by AdvancED (NCA) & the Nebraska Department of Education.

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Advanced Placement French Language and Culture

AP French
Language & Culture

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The University of Nebraska High School’s online program offers a complete and rigorous curriculum to college-bound students. Through the independent learning environment, students develop lifelong learning habits such as time management and self-discipline, which will help them be successful in both college and career. 

Core, Elective & AP

  • More than 100 online high school courses
  • Courses meet national and state academic and quality standards
  • Foundational courses help students bridge grade-level gaps
  • Electives allow students to explore special interests or career choices
  • Advanced Placement courses provide challenging coursework and college credit
  • Core and AP courses are NCAA-approved. To view our list of NCAA –approved courses, visit the NCAA Eligibility Center and use UNHS code 281316.

Some UNHS courses are also available for college credit through the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Flexible & Self-Paced

  • Complete courses in five weeks to one year
  • Enroll any time of year
  • 24/7 online access
  • No age or grade level requirements to take courses


United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA)
  • K-12 Best Practice for Distance Learning Programming, Physics
  • K-12 Best Practice for Distance Learning Programming, Biology

These prestigious international awards are presented annually to organizations and individuals engaged in the development and delivery of distance learning programs.

University Professional & Continuing Education Association (UPCEA)
UNHS has also earned nine awards from UPCEA. The awards recognize new and innovative distance courses. 

Course Name




International Relations


Introduction to Film Studies


The Science of Health


World History 1


Physical and Earth Science 1


AP Computer Science AB 1*


AP U.S. History 1


10th Grade English 2


*Please note: AP Computer Science AB has been replaced by AP Computer Science A.