University of Nebraska High School UNHS Full Time Status: U. of Nebraska High School

Full Time Status

Students may enroll in one course or multiple courses; however, a full time student is enrolled in five (5) or more courses at one time.

Nebraska Students

The state of Nebraska has a compulsory attendance law for students five (5) to eighteen (18) years of age. In summary, the statute states that parents or guardians are responsible for their students ages 5 to 18 to be in regular attendance in school (See Neb Rev State 79-201).

When the decision is made to enroll a Nebraska student in UNHS as a diploma-track student, the parent or guardian must withdraw the student from the local school district and enroll in five (5) UNHS courses at the time of registration to be considered full time. During enrollment through the UNHS Store, please mark the appropriate box to indicate the student will be seeking their diploma from UNHS. Withdrawal from the local school is normally completed in writing. Through state reporting, UNHS administration will notify the Nebraska Department of Education of the enrollment with the UNHS if the student is a Nebraska resident.

The county attorney in the resident county has the authority to enforce the truancy laws, and the administration of the UNHS will provide information as requested regarding compulsory attendance.


United States & International Students

Students living outside of Nebraska may also earn a diploma from UNHS. To be considered full time, they must be withdrawn from their local high school and enrolled in five UNHS courses at one time. Students should check with their State Department of Education to determine local enrollment requirements.

Honor Roll

To qualify for UNHS honor roll, students must be seeking a UNHS diploma. They must complete five or more courses earning a grade of A or B in all courses during the designated semester time period. Semesters run August 1 through January 31 and February 1 through July 31. UNHS presents the honor roll list twice a year.

Special Circumstances

Students are welcome to enroll as a full time student and then transfer the course completions to their local schools. Students are reminded to use the Local School Approval Form to seek prior approval from their school.

If you have questions about full time status, please contact Customer Service.