Start Strong Finish NCAA Eligibility Requirements

Start Strong Finish NCAA Eligibility Requirements

What You Need To Know For NCAA Academic Eligibility

4 Main Requirements

Watch to learn the four requirements you must complete to earn NCAA academic eligibility.

Graduate from high school
Graduate High School
Complete Core Courses
Complete Core Courses
Earn the Required GPA
Earn Required GPA
Earn required ACT or SAT score
Earn Required ACT/SAT Score

By Grade

Watch to know what you need to accomplish from freshman through senior year.

Ninth Grade Start Strong
9th Grade: Start Strong
Tenth Grade Conditioning
10th Grade: Condition
Eleventh Grade Build Strength
11th Grade: Build Strength
Twelfth Grade Strong Finish
12th Grade: Strong Finish


Watch to review details about each division’s requirements as well as possible outcomes.

Division One Specifics
Division I
Division Two Specifics
Division II
Understand outcomes

Special Cases

Watch for suggestions for international students, online students and parents.

Tips for International Students
International Students
Specifics for Online Students
Online Students
Tips for Parents