University of Nebraska High School Transfer Credits to UNHS: U. of Nebraska Online High School

Transfer Credits to UNHS

You may apply credits earned at another high school or home school toward a University of Nebraska High School (UNHS) diploma.

To begin, request a transcript review by submitting:

Transcript Requirements for Credits from Accredited Schools

To transfer credits to UNHS, the student must provide an official high school transcript. Official transcripts must be mailed to UNHS; or UNHS will accept e-transcripts from the following providers:

  • Parchment
  • Scrip Safe
  • National Transcript Center/Hobsons

Credits earned at an accredited secondary school will be evaluated using the UNHS credit hour system.


  • The school accreditation status should be included on the transcript or as a separate document. Approved accrediting agencies include private, state and governmental agencies such as AdvancEd, the Ministry of Education or other nationally recognized agencies. Official transcripts must be mailed to UNHS and include the signature of the registrar/head school master and school seal.
  • Transcripts must be presented in English. Certified, literal (line-by-line) English translations must be received for all academic records not originally in English and must be accompanied by the original transcripts written in the native language. Translations must be completed by an independent certified translator or performed and sealed by the country's embassy. Translations from unverifiable sources will not be accepted.

Transcript Requirements for credits from Non-Accredited Schools

Students who submit a transcript from a non-accredited school, learning center or home school must pay for ($20) and take the online California Achievement Test (CAT) in reading and mathematics to validate credit.

Go to CAT ordering instructions >

Home school students transferring credits must provide a transcript. The transcripts must include course completions by grade level, grades earned, course length, as well as textbook name and publication date. Here is an example of a home school transcript.