University of Nebraska High School Policies and Guidelines: U. of Nebraska High School Program
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Policies and Guidelines

The University of Nebraska High School follows several strict policies and guidelines to uphold the integrity of the school. Following are specifics, but for additional information, please refer to the UNHS Student Handbook.

Student Handbook

Proctor's roles and responsibilities

A proctor administers progress tests and may monitor student progress. For all policies and guidelines relating to proctoring as well as a step-by-step guide for proctoring a progress test, please review the Proctor Guide. 

Academic honesty policy and disciplinary actions

The University of Nebraska High School teachers and administration monitor for plagiarism and appreciate students’ original work. Students should review the detailed policies of academic honesty, plagiarism, cheating, and disciplinary actions for academic dishonesty in the Student Handbook

Grade appeal policy

Students who wish to appeal a test grade or course grade may do so in writing via an e-mail to Appeals must be made within 30 days of the posting of the test grade or the course grade. Information in the request should include: student name, ID number, course name, specific assignment being appealed, as well as the reason for the grade appeal. 

Proctors for NCAA student-athletes

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has certain rules for coursework completed by student athletes. Coaches and family members may not, under any circumstances, proctor an NCAA student-athlete.

Qualifying for honor roll

To qualify for UNHS honor roll, students must be seeking a UNHS diploma. They must complete five or more courses earning a grade of A or B in all courses during the designated semester time period. Semesters run August 1 through January 31 and February 1 through July 31. UNHS presents the honor roll list twice each year in the newsletters and on the website.

Payment Options

UNHS accepts payment via:

  • The online UNHS Store
  • A mailed personal check or money order
  • Credit or debit card over the phone only; Discover, MasterCard, VISA are accepted

Regarding checks, please note that university policy requires the processing of your check within two business days of receipt.

Financial holds and returned checks

Final course grades and UNHS transcripts will not be available until account balances have been processed and paid in full. Checks that are returned to UNHS as unpaid due to insufficient or uncollected funds may be electronically resubmitted for payment and a $35 returned check fee will be assessed.

Privacy rights and student record release

The University of Nebraska High School (UNHS) complies with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regarding demographic and academic information. This information may not be released without the expressed consent of the student, except for information deemed directory information. UNHS has designated the following information as directory information: student’s name, address, photograph (if applicable), dates of attendance, honor roll status (if applicable), grade level and the most recent educational agency or institution attended.

UNHS administration will release directory information to the admissions offices within the University system. This information may also be used in publications such as newsletters, honor roll or other recognition lists and the graduation program. Students and their parents/guardians have the right to request that directory information not be used in these publications and may do so by writing to UNHS. If this is done, directory information will be maintained in the student file and will not be released in any manner.

The FERPA policy also governs the release of student records for students under age 18 and students age 18 and older. Students 18 or older must provide UNHS written consent in order for parents or legal guardians to have access to their student records and/or information. They may do so by completing and submitting Student Record Release Form.

UNHS course use, copyright and university regulations

All UNHS course components are copyright-protected. The University of Nebraska has policies that cover intellectual property, system security protocols, individual privacy rights and copyright laws regarding course materials. The University of Nebraska may delete, add, or change courses, as well as revise rules, charges, fees, courses or requirements at their discretion. The university is an equal opportunity educator and employer with a comprehensive plan for diversity.