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About UNHS

What is University of Nebraska High School? The University of Nebraska High School (UNHS) is an accredited online high school, providing individual courses through a full diploma to students all over the world. It also delivers courses via print and mail processing. With its independent study format, students learn in a unique way, separated from their teachers by time and location. UNHS courses, both online and print, are designed so students can start at any time and control the pace of their learning, deciding how often to submit evaluations, projects and progress tests.  
Who is UNHS for? UNHS’ flexible format is perfect for a variety of students, allowing them to accelerate or decelerate their learning experience as necessary, and because the student controls the pace, there is no falling behind or waiting for others to catch up. It provides additional course offerings to students looking to catch up or get ahead or those who cannot attain these offerings at their local schools. It also offers a diploma to students who are seeking a different path to their education. The diploma is accepted and respected by colleges and universities throughout the United States.
Is the University of Nebraska High School accredited? Yes, the high school has been accredited by the Nebraska Department of Education since 1968 and AdvancED since 1978. UNHS courses also meet the iNACOL National Standards of Quality for Online Courses. All core and Advanced Placement® courses are College Board approved and all core and Advanced Placement® courses are NCAA approved.

Transferring Credits

Can credit earned elsewhere be transferred to UNHS’ diploma program? Yes, academic credits earned at other schools may be transferred to the University of Nebraska High School. Students wishing to do so must complete the Transcript Evaluation Form

All credit issued by regionally or state accredited secondary schools as high school credit will be evaluated to the equivalent UNHS credit hour system. If credits were earned at a non-accredited high school or a home school, students must provide a detailed transcript and must also take the California Achievement Test (CAT) or other UNHS approved standardized test to validate credits.

Will credits earned at UNHS transfer to a public school? Yes, UNHS is fully accredited by the Nebraska Department of Education and AdvancED, so credits will transfer to other schools with similar accreditation via a reciprocal agreement between the regional accrediting agencies. Students should complete the Local School Approval Form prior to enrolling in UNHS courses to ensure smooth credit transfer. Students may request an official UNHS transcript through the online ordering system or by submitting the Transcript Request Form.

I am home schooled. How can I transfer my home school accomplishments? Home school students must submit official transcripts. Domestic credit hours will need to be validated with the California Achievement Test (CAT).

How are grades transferred to other schools? Most schools receiving credit from UNHS have established policies relating to transfer credit. Some schools will accept credit with no value toward calculating the GPA, while other schools will accept the percentage grade only and apply it to their own grading scale. Lastly, some schools will accept, at face value, the percentage and letter grade earned at the UNHS. Check with the school accepting the credit to learn their policy. 


How do I request a UNHS transcript? There are two ways to request an official University of Nebraska High School transcript: 
1. Online through the Parchment Secure Transcript System website, or 
2. Mail or fax a completed Transcript Request Form directly to UNHS.

UNHS will, without prior consent or cost, release student transcripts to a requesting high school if the student is enrolled in, or is transferring to, the requesting school.

What information is provided on an UNHS transcript? The UNHS transcript system requires that students complete at least one UNHS course (i.e., receive a final grade) before a UNHS transcript becomes available.

Credit hours transferred to UNHS are posted as a total of core credit hours earned in English, mathematics, natural sciences, social studies, world language and general electives. As a reminder, the UNHS does not evaluate grades, so only credit hours earned will be posted from previous schools. 

When students apply to colleges, they are advised to submit official transcripts from every high school they've attended. This will allow the admissions officers to review specific course completion names, grades earned and the GPA earned at previous schools.


How long does it take to complete a course? Students have a full calendar year from the date they enroll to complete each course. Minimum course completion time is five weeks, beginning from the date UNHS receives the first graded work from the student.

How much time should a student spend on each course? Each semester course is the equivalent of a 90-hour seat time class, meaning students should spend approximately 60 to 80 minutes five days a week on each course—about the same amount of time traditional high school students typically spend in their classes. Following this schedule, students will complete their course in approximately 18 weeks.

How are prerequisites for a course determined? Each course description explains the goals of the course and includes a listing of prerequisites if needed. UNHS will also perform a transcript evaluation (for a fee).

What is "gating and sequencing" of courses? All UNHS courses have gating and sequencing. Gating means only one assignment per course can be submitted per day. Sequencing means all Teacher Connect Activities, Unit Evaluations, Projects and Progress Tests within a course must be completed by the student in the order they are presented.

How do students start a course and submit assignments? Students access course content and submit assignments through UNHS’ online course management system, WayCool. For certain courses, students may need to submit assignments by postal mail. UNHS gives instructions about how to proceed when this is necessary.


Who can be a proctor? For a complete listing of who can serve as a proctor, please visit the Proctor Information page. Schools enrolling students in UNHS should assign proctors. If a student enrolls in a course without the sponsorship of a school, a proctor not related to the student must be identified and receive prior approval from UNHS. 

What are the responsibilities of a proctor? All information regarding roles and responsibilities of a proctor are outlined in the Proctor Guide.

Assignments & Assessments

What are the assignments like; do I have to turn in everything? Most courses are presented in units and lessons, and include graded and non-graded assignments. Specifically, each core course includes: 

  • Reading assignments
  • Self-check activities
  • Practice activities
  • Teacher Connect activities (open ended questions designed to create dialogue with teacher)
  • Projects
  • Unit evaluations
  • Progress Tests

Students will be asked to submit all graded assignments, such as unit evaluations, Teacher connect activities, projects, and progress tests. It is important they do every assignment within the course in order to master the content and prepare for the graded evaluations and progress tests.

What are progress tests like? Progress tests are closed-book exams and may include multiple-choice, true/false or fill-in-the-blank questions. Progress tests are graded and may be submitted by mail using a scan card, or online using the course management system. Progress tests generally cover content from several units. Unlike the unit evaluations, progress tests are supervised by an approved proctor. You will need to select an approved proctor prior to taking any progress tests.

How are progress tests administered? Because UNHS is an accredited high school, it has requirements associated with test taking. A proctor, who is approved by UNHS, will have the authority to administer the closed-book progress tests.

What are unit evaluations like? Unit evaluations may contain multiple-choice, true/false matching, or fill-in-the-blank questions. They are open book and are computer graded. Evaluations may be submitted by mail using a scan card, or via the course management system. If the student uses the course management system, grades and feedback are automatic. If using a scan card to mail in the evaluation the grades and feedback may be found online; the results are also mailed to the proctor. Unit evaluations require the student to combine information from several lessons, helping to prepare them for the progress tests.

Tuition & Fees

How are courses paid for? Courses can be paid for with major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, or Discover), check or money order. Cash is also accepted on site (please do not mail cash). All payments need to be in U.S. dollars. Purchase orders can be arranged for U.S. public schools.

What resources are available to help pay for courses? UNHS offers the Broady Scholarship, which awards a limited number of scholarships each fall. Watch the website for details.


What is the significance of NCAA-approved courses? The National Collegiate Athletic Association requires college-bound athletes to maintain academic eligibility by earning credit hours in NCAA-approved courses. UNHS maintains a list of approved core and Advanced Placement® courses for NCAA eligibility online at the NCAA Eligibility Center. Use code 281316 to see UNHS’ list of NCAA courses.

Will credit-by-exam meet UNHS diploma requirements? Accredited credit-by-exam transcripts will be evaluated. like all other transcripts. The credit hours from accredited schools will transfer at face value. 

I have a learning disability. Will UNHS need my IEP to meet accommodations? UNHS does not need a copy of the student's IEP. The student's local school district is responsible for developing and implementing the student's IEP. It will be the student's responsibility to share the IEP with his/her proctor. The student's IEP should be followed by the proctor in order to make any testing accommodations.

How do I make arrangements for the Advanced Placement® exams? UNHS does not give AP exams or register students for AP exams. AP exam arrangements may be completed through the following contacts:

AP Services
P.O. Box 6671
Princeton, NJ 08541-6671
Phone: (609) 771-7300 or (888) 225-5427 (toll free in the U.S. and Canada)