University of Nebraska High School DropBox: U. of Nebraska High School Program


With DropBox you can upload files to the UNHS online file server anytime.

Uploading a file to our server using the UNHS DropBox provides you with a link to the file, which you can include in your project submission through WayCool — the online course management system. The instructor can click the link to download your file. Files are available for seven days. You must be logged in to your course to access DropBox.

How to Use the DropBox:

  1. Log into WayCool account.
  2. Click the link to the DropBox on the left navigation panel of the WayCool homepage.

  3. Name your file to upload with a unique identifier. For graded assignments, include your initials, last name, course number and project number. For example: ABStudent_TECH035_Project1.

  4. Click the link in your course project or the link on the left navigation on the WayCool homepage to open the DropBox. 

  5. Click "Browse" and select your file. If you have more than one file to upload, another Browse box will appear after you have uploaded a file. 

  6. Once you have selected all of the files that you need to submit, click "Begin Upload." 

  7. A progress bar will show how much time is remaining. With large files, there may be a delay where it reports 100% transferred, but nothing is happening. Give it a minute or two to finish processing. 

  8. Once the upload is complete, a screen will appear saying "Your upload is complete." This message will provide URL(s) to your file(s), so they can be viewed online. There will be a separate URL for each file. 

  9. Copy the entire URL for each file. Switch to the place where you want to paste the URL — the textbox or document that you are going to use to submit your project. Be sure to copy and paste your URL(s) before you close the DropBox page on your computer. 

  10. Submit your textbox or document through WayCool. For seven days, your file(s) will be accessible online using the URL(s).

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  • The file upload size is currently limited to 700 MB.