University of Nebraska High School Tuition and Fees: University of Nebraska High School Program
K. O. Broady Scholarship
Knute O. Broady portraitThe Broady Scholarship helps current and prospective students enroll in UNHS courses. Applications are due by September 30, 2017.
Dual Enrollment


Earning college credits for high school courses saves you time and money. The flat fee to UNO for dual enrollment is significantly less than standard college tuition rates.

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Tuition and Fees

Not-for-Profit & Affordable

Tuition includes course content, certificated teacher, assessments and grading. Please visit the UNHS store for details.

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Online Course Tuition

Each .5 Carnegie unit
and 5 credit course
(1 semester)
$200 - non-resident
$150 - Nebraska resident
Each 1.0 Carnegie unit
and 10 credit course
(2 semesters)
World Languages
$400 - non-resident
$300 - Nebraska resident

Required Fees

All fees are non-refundable unless otherwise noted.

Administrative Fee
The administrative fee is $50 per course and is non-refundable.

Textbooks & Materials (may be refundable)
UNHS partners with Follett Virtual Campus to provide textbooks and instructional materials for purchase.

Refund Policy

Optional Fees 

Print Course Fees
Print courses are an optional addition to the online courses and have additional fees.
Mail Processing: $35 per course, non-refundable

Transcript Evaluation Fee: $35 per student, one-time fee
To apply existing credits toward an UNHS diploma, official transcripts and the Transcript Evaluation Form must be submited. Our Academic Adviser will evaluate transferrable credit hours. 

Course Transfer/Switch Fee: $35 per transfer
Students may switch enrollment to another course within 30 days of enrollment. Any completed teacher connect activity, evaluation, project, or test in the initial course will result in a $15 processing fee per item.

Course Extension Fee:
$35 per course
If a course is not completed within one year of the enrollment date, a 90-day extension may be requested. An extension will result in 90 additional days from the date the course expired. 

Language Placement Test: $35 per test
The placement test is recommended if a student wants to enroll in a second-year or higher level foreign language class and have not taken a foreign language class through UNHS.

Math Placement Test: $35 per test
The Algebra or Geometry placement tests are recommended to determine what level of mathematics students should start with when entering UNHS.

Mail Processing: $35 per course
Print only courses require assignments to be submitted by mail. Some online courses also require certain assignments to be submitted by mail that cannot be submitted online. If the proctor is unable to download tests from the Internet, the mail processing service should be used. The University of Nebraska High School will ship all mail processing supplies to domestic and international locations using the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Diploma: Get Started

Start by submitting an official transcript. Upon review, our academic adviser will provide a suggested course sequence.

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