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UNHS is accredited by AdvancED (NCA) & the Nebraska Department of Education.

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Solutions for Educators

Educator working at deskWhen considering online high school education for your school and students, focus on options that offer reliability, flexibility, accessibility and academic integrity.

The University of Nebraska High School is a university-based, accredited high school providing online courses to meet the diverse educational needs of students globally. Schools and learning organizations choose to use UNHS to:

  • Expand curriculum offerings
  • Keep students on the path to graduation
  • Allow students to graduate early
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts
  • Address teacher shortages
  • Provide a respected diploma
  • Offer courses year round
  • Provide solutions for extended absences


For more than 80 years UNHS has provided distance learning to schools and students to help them reach their goals. From our award-winning courses to our responsive service, educators can count on us to be a great resource.


UNHS’ program is designed to give schools maximum freedom in how they choose to administer the online courses. This flexibility includes:

  • No contracts or minimums
  • Enroll one student or an entire class
  • Register students any time during the year
  • Permit students a full year to complete courses or require shorter completion
  • Self-paced courses can fit any schedule
  • Either school or parent may pay
  • Choose online or print-based materials
  • Assign any staff member of administrator’s choosing to proctor tests
  • Arrange proctored exams on the schedule that is most convenient for the school


UNHS course content is available via print or online through its course management system. Proctors may review student progress and access tests online. UNHS’ certificated teachers are also available via e-mail and telephone to help educators and students with questions.

Students with Disabilities

UNHS courses are designed with features compatible with screen-reading software, which meet standard ADA requirements. Administration of accommodations and yearly updates to IEP’s and 504’s are the responsibility of local schools and parents.

Academic Integrity

UNHS policies and guidelines ensure all instruction, grading and administration follow best practices for academic integrity. All students are expected to observe a code of academic honesty. Detailed information is provided in the Student Handbook.