University of Nebraska High School Student Outcomes: U. of Nebraska High School Program

"This program made me sit up
and focus more. Now I am very
independent and can successfully
study on my own, and
organize my timetable."

– 2009 UNHS Graduate

Course Highlight
Advanced Placement Government and Politics

AP Comparative
Government & Politics

Student Outcomes

Whether taking a few UNHS courses or earning a UNHS diploma, students increase their likelihood for success at the post-secondary level.

Graduates from UNHS attend prestigious institutions such as Stanford, Harvard and U.S. Military Academies as well as many state colleges and universities.

UNHS Grads' Colleges & Universities

UNHS' unique independent study format prepares students for college and beyond by teaching them the valuable skills of:

  • Critical thinking
  • Advanced problem solving
  • Self-reliance
  • Persistence
  • Organization
  • Accountability
  • Time-management

Characteristics of Successful Online Students

UNHS’ curriculum is designed by distance learning experts for maximum student achievement. There are certain characteristics that can help students succeed online.

Characteristics of Successful Online Students

Student Support

UNHS provides support for student learning with:

  • Quality instructional design based on best practices and standards
  • Materials with a global emphasis and sensitivity to language and presentation
  • Accurate, complete and engaging presentation based on timely content
  • Opportunities for students to practice and test mastery of content throughout their learning process
  • Research-based teaching strategies
  • Selective assessments tied to clearly stated learning outcomes, content, and practice activities
  • Clear instructions with easy-to-navigate systems
  • Assistance from our team of education professionals who ensure a quality experience for schools and students alike