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OrganizationWhen starting the college search and application process, there are a few good things to keep in mind.

  • Set up. Put together an electronic or paper folder for each college application you plan to submit. Include all materials and communications relevant to each college as well as contact information for anyone you have networked with—advisers, coaches, department chairs, etc.
  • Learn the jargon. For example: FAFSA, early decision, early action, etc.
  • Study applications and requirements. Design a timeline for completing the form, essays, requesting recommendation letters, submitting test scores, etc. Build in time for revisions and stick to it!
  • Use your official name. Everything must match, so use the same name that will appear on your UNHS or local school’s transcript.
  • Use College Board’s My Organizer. Manage your personal college and scholarship research list, registrations for SAT exams and send scores directly to colleges by registering for a free College Board My Organizer account. Through this account you can manage research and all test registrations and score reports.

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