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Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

Cost includes tuition and non refundable
administrative fee of $50.

Each .5 Carnegie unit / 5 credit course
(1 semester)

  • $250
  • $200
    Nebraska Resident

Each 1.0 Carnegie unit / 10 credit course
(2 semesters)

  • $450
  • $350
    Nebraska Resident

Most courses require the purchase of
textbooks and materials

Optional Services

For a complete list of policies regarding tuition and fees, refer to the UNHS Course Catalog.

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2017-2018 Course Catalog


Textbooks and materials can be purchased from Follett Virtual Campus.

Uniiversity of Nebraska Highschool Supplies Follett Virtual Campus
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Proctor Information

In order to maintain quality and integrity as an accredited high school, UNHS requires approved proctors to administer closed-book progress tests. Proctors may also help set schedules and monitor students' progress.

Who Can Be a Proctor

  • Current or retired teachers,counselors, administrators, head librarians or extension educators.
  • Military base education officers, chaplains and higher level commissioned officers.
  • Embassy or consulate officials.

Who Cannot Be a Proctor

  • Relatives or guardians.
  • NCAA students may not use their coaches as proctors.

Transferring Credits?

Students transferring UNHS credits, must have their proctor approved by the local school.

Download Local School Approval Form

Designating a Proctor

If proctor information was not provided at the time of enrollment, the Proctor Information Form must be completed prior to taking your first progress tests.

Proctor Information Form