What assignments are included? 

Each UNHS course is presented in units and lessons that may include:  

  • Lesson Discussions
  • Reading Assignments
  • Skill Builder and Practice Activities
  • Inquiry Activities and Labs
  • Multimedia Activities
  • Self Checks
  • Teacher Connect Activities
  • Projects
  • Unit Evaluations
  • Progress Tests

Students will be asked to submit all graded assignments, such as Teacher Connect Activities, unit evaluations, projects, and progress tests. It is important they do every assignment within the course in order to master the content and prepare for the graded evaluations and progress tests.

What are Teacher Connect Activities?

Teacher Connect Activities are required assignments that provide additional ways for students to interact with their teachers. These assignments help enhance learning and understanding of the courses. As outlined in the Course Introduction under Student Record/Progress Chart, students must complete and submit all assessments in order. To satisfy the course requirements, advancement in the course relies on the student’s active participation in all assessments.

What are Unit Evaluations?

Unit evaluations are open book and are computer graded and may contain multiple-choice, true/false, or matching questions. Unit evaluations require the student to combine information from several lessons, helping to prepare them for the progress tests.

Unit evaluations are submitted online via the course management system. Students who pay for mail processing may submit their unit evaluations by mail using a scan card. If the student uses the course management system, grades and feedback are automatic. If the student has paid for mail processing and is using a scan card to mail in the evaluation, the grades and feedback may be found online; the results are also mailed to the proctor. 

What are Projects?

Projects are teacher-graded assessments that allow students to personalize and extend their learning by using their critical thinking skills to present their understanding of the course content. Projects may include essay assignments, research assignments, math problems, oral communications, or the creation of webpages or presentations. Projects are submitted through the course management system to UNHS teachers for grading and feedback. If the student has paid for mail processing, projects may be submitted by mail using a lesson wrapper.  

What are Progress Tests?

Progress tests are closed-book exams that may include multiple-choice or true/false questions. Progress tests are graded and submitted online using the course management system. If the student has paid for mail processing, progress tests may be submitted by mail using a scan card.

Progress tests generally cover content from several units. Unlike the unit evaluations, progress tests are supervised by an approved proctor prior to taking any progress tests.

How are Progress Tests administered?

Because UNHS is an accredited high school, it has requirements associated with test taking. A proctor, who is approved by UNHS, will have the authority to administer the closed-book progress tests.