How do I request a UNHS transcript?

There are two ways to request an official University of Nebraska High School transcript: 

1. Online through the Parchment Secure Transcript System website, or 
2. Mail or fax a completed Transcript Request Form directly to UNHS.

UNHS will, without prior consent or cost, release student transcripts to a requesting high school if the student is enrolled in, or is transferring to, the requesting school.

What information is provided on an UNHS transcript? The UNHS transcript system requires that students complete at least one UNHS course (i.e., receive a final grade) before a UNHS transcript becomes available.

Credit hours transferred to UNHS are posted as a total of core credit hours earned in English, mathematics, natural sciences, social studies, world language and general electives. As a reminder, the UNHS does not evaluate grades, so only credit hours earned will be posted from previous schools. 

When students apply to colleges, they are advised to submit official transcripts from every high school they've attended. This will allow the admissions officers to review specific course completion names, grades earned and the GPA earned at previous schools.