A request for transcript evaluation should be made when a student would like to transfer credits to UNHS to earn a UNHS diploma.

1. Complete the form below.

2. Pay a one time fee of $35 for evaluation and ongoing academic advising. This fee can be paid online via UNHS Store account or by phone.

3. Official, original transcripts from all previously attended schools:   

Please mail transcripts to:                                                                                                           University of Nebraska High School
206 S 13th St Ste 800
PO Box 880226
Lincoln, NE 68588-0226

After the form, fee payment and transcripts are all received, a UNHS academic adviser will provide an evaluation report that includes a curriculum plan with specific course recommendations to complete UNHS diploma requirements. Academic advising is provided throughout the students' studies with UNHS.

For questions, please contact UNHS.

Student Information
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If the student has previously enrolled with UNHS, please provide the student's UNHS ID.

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Mail Official Transcript to UNHS
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  • Provide the names of the schools from which UNHS will receive transcripts.

Payment Information
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UNHS Customer Service will contact you when all official transcripts are received.

Receiving Evaluation
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