Compulsory Attendance

Parents are reminded that Nebraska has compulsory attendance laws. Truancy, (compulsory attendance) laws are directed at parents/guardians. Ultimately, it is a crime for the adult with custody of the child to violate these laws.

The parent/guardian’s legal responsibility is to “cause [a child of mandatory attendance age] …to attend regularly a public, private, denominational, or parochial day school which meets the requirements for legal operation…each day that such school is open and in session, except when excused by school authorities.” See Neb. Rev. State. 79- 201 (2).

When the decision is made to enroll a child in the University of Nebraska High School as a diploma student, it is important for the parent/guardian to withdraw the student from the local school district. The administration of UNHS will notify the Nebraska Department of Education of the enrollment with the University of Nebraska High School when the student is a Nebraska resident. The county attorney in the resident county has authority to enforce the truancy laws, and the administration of the University of Nebraska High School will provide information as requested regarding compulsory attendance.