The University of Nebraska High School had 23 applications submitted for the K.O. Broady Scholarship Fund during the 2022-2023 school year. UNHS is able to award scholarships annually to any students interested in furthering their education through UNHS. The Broady Scholarship Fund has provided over $53,000 to students since its establishment in honor of Dr. K.O. Broady in the early 1980’s.

Dr. Knute O. Broady attended Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas then went on to earn a master’s degree at the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. in education at Columbia University in New York City. Upon finishing his doctoral degree, Dr. Broady joined the faculty of the University of Nebraska Teachers College where he devoted his entire career to helping students and teachers first in Nebraska, then in small rural schools and remote locations around the world.

UNHS had a wide geographical representation of Broady applicants this year and was able to select and award scholarship funds to nearly half the students who applied. The 11 winning applicants represented the United States (Nebraska), Bangladesh, Philippines, and South Africa. Application requirements included three letters of recommendation and any non-UNHS high school transcript for each student.

Here are this year’s winners, their geographical locations, and a statement(s) from a recommendation letter for each student:  

Faiaz Ahmed, Union Collegiate High School, Lakshmipur, Chattogram, Bangladesh
Faiaz, in his second year with UNHS, has completed nine courses to date. Faiaz’s immediate goal is to seize the opportunities available to him and to apply himself to give his best effort in his courses. He wants to pursue taking Advanced Placement® courses which will prepare him for college. After graduating from UNHS, Faiaz would like to pursue higher education at a “globally acclaimed” university. The President of Union Collegiate stated that Faiaz strives to better himself each day, and “has proven himself to be competent and resilient in his academics and has constantly outdone himself.” 

Rachel Bernstein, Cape Town Torah High School, Cape Town, South Africa
Rachel is in her second year with UNHS and has completed five courses to date. Rachel’s goals include performing well in her courses, graduating high school, and continuing with her education to get a degree. Rachel believes UNHS will help her achieve her educational goals because it offers her “the option to accelerate and have the possibility of finishing school early.” Her principal commented, “Rachel is a true role model to her peers academically. She is talented and motivated and works incredibly well independently.” The dean of her school added that “Rachel has a refined character and is a young woman of integrity who is not afraid to work hard.”

Rachel Brett, Cape Town Torah High School, Cape Town, South Africa
Rachel, in her second year with UNHS, has completed four courses to date. Her immediate goal is to graduate from high school with high grades and explore other opportunities locally or abroad. Her interests are fashion, business, technology, and finance. Rachel stated that she wants her education to “both enrich myself and make a contribution to society.” Rachel’s principal commented that she is “organised, independent and leads by example.” The dean of Rachel’s school goes on to say that Rachel is a “top achiever” and comes from a family in which “learning is of paramount importance.” 

Nicolas Jose (Cole) Cabardo, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, Philippines (University of Nebraska High School diploma student)
Nicolas Jose (Cole), in his third year with UNHS, has completed 19 courses to date. Cole’s immediate goals are to do well in his studies and get good grades. His long-term goals are to graduate with high grades and get into a desirable college. He is thinking about pursuing a major in Civil Engineering and a minor in Creative Writing. Cole says he wants to help people by “using my talents in writing and mathematics.” His teacher commented, “Nicolas has clearly demonstrated an ability to work independently and manage his time….[he has] discipline and diligence.” Another teacher noted that Cole’s success is due to “self-motivation, dedication, organization, and perseverance” and that Cole is creative and has a “thoughtful approach” in his coursework.

Chana Deren, Cape Town Torah High School, Cape Town, South Africa
Chana, in her third year with UNHS, has completed 12 courses to date. Her immediate goals are to excel in all her studies and to expand her character by sharing her time and energy with others in school and growing her leadership abilities. Her long-term goal is to attend a seminary program and to open her own learning center. Chana expects to complete her courses by June 2023. The dean of her school stated, “Chana is a natural academic, and consistently scores at the top of the class. She is looked up to by her peers and sets the standard others follow.”

Menachem Deren, Cape Town Torah High School, Cape Town, South Africa
Menachem started with the University of Nebraska High School in January 2021. He is considered a supplemental student with UNHS, taking a few courses to further his academics. Menachem would like to continue with higher education and says he would like to use his knowledge “to make a positive difference in the world.” His high school coordinator commented that Menachem “is incredibly self-motivated and wants to reach the highest possible [math] level.” He is already working many math grade levels above his peers. The dean of the school said that Menachem is in a league of his own academically. He is achieving beyond his years and continues to find his studies “challenging and stimulating.”  

Sundus Diriye, Omaha, Nebraska, United States (University of Nebraska High School diploma student)
Sundus started her first courses with the University of Nebraska High School in late August 2022. Sundus states that the courses at UNHS are “unique and rigorous [and] will certainly prepare me for college and beyond.” After graduating, she would like to go on to college. A school official said that Sundus “is [a] determined young girl with big ambitions [and] is quite organized and hardworking….Sundus is [a] dedicated student [who wants] to be the first Hijab wearing supreme court judge.” She believes in equality and social justice.

Brocha Lewis, Cape Town Torah High School, Cape Town, South Africa
Brocha, in her third year with UNHS, has completed 13 courses to date. Her immediate goal is to accelerate in math while still earning good grades so that she can proceed to Advanced Placement® Calculus 1 and 2. Her math teacher commented, “[Brocha] is able to grasp complex mathematics concepts incredibly quickly” and added that Brocha is appreciating the academic challenges currently being presented to her. Brocha’s principal further stated that she is a "highly talented individual” who complements her talent with motivation and hard work.

Tuvya Opert, Cape Town Torah High School, Cape Town, South Africa
Tuvya, in his second year with UNHS, has completed 11 courses to date. His short-term goals are to maintain the honor roll and diversify his skill set. Ultimately, he would like to study at a university in Israel. His math teacher stated that “[Tuvya] retains information like a sponge” and has no desire to cut corners in his work. The teacher went on to comment that Tuvya “always wants to truly understand his work and the reasons behind the facts.” Tuvya is also a very musical and artistic student which contributes to his overall academic performance. 

Tiffany Senff, Minden, Nebraska, United States (University of Nebraska High School diploma student)
Tiffany started her first courses as a diploma student at the University of Nebraska in early September 2022. Tiffany believes by attending UNHS she will be able to graduate earlier than being in a traditional high school. This, in turn, will allow her to start college sooner. Once she has earned her diploma, Tiffany would like to attend a school for nursing and get her BSN. Ultimately, she would like to get a DNP and perhaps an ARNP degree. One of her teachers commented, “Tiffany is a self-starter and is highly motivated to complete her work to get good grades….She took challenging courses and was extremely independent in completing her work.” Tiffany has also been involved in wrestling for years and has been able to maintain her schoolwork and a part-time job while competing.  

Meira Wosk, Cape Town Torah High School, Cape Town, South Africa 
Meira, in her first year with UNHS, has completed one course. Meira’s immediate goals are to complete multiple UNHS courses with A+ grades, all while acquiring important understanding and knowledge. Meira plans to complete Advanced Placement® courses and wants to go on to study at an Ivy League institution. She enjoys a variety of courses, including math, science, English, and psychology. Meira’s math teacher wrote in her recommendation that “Meira is incredibly talented and scores some of the top grades for her courses. She is a very bright and diligent student. She holds herself to a very high standard.”

Congratulations to these scholarship recipients, as well as every student who submitted an application for consideration! Please watch for next year’s application on our website late next summer or early fall.