Each year, UNHS is able to offer K.O. Broady Scholarship funds to any student interested in applying. Dr. Knute O. Broady was born in 1898, the oldest of six children, and raised in eastern Kansas. He attended Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, then went on to earn a Master’s degree at the University of Chicago and a PhD in education at Columbia University in New York City.

Upon finishing his doctoral degree, Dr. Broady joined the faculty of the University of Nebraska Teachers College, where he devoted his entire career to helping students and teachers first in Nebraska, then in small rural schools and remote locations around the world. A scholarship fund was established after his death in 1974 for students through the University of Nebraska High School. Over many years, more than $48,000 in tuition costs and required materials (e.g., textbooks) has been distributed to students around the world.

For the 2021-2022 school year, UNHS was able to distribute over $8,500 to 13 deserving students. They are as follows: 

Nissim Brett, Cape Town Torah H.S., Cape Town, South Africa
Nissim has completed 14 UNHS courses thus far. His immediate goal is to graduate early from high school and then study in a yeshiva in Israel. One of the comments from his recommendation letters was, “Nissim is a very charismatic student, and natural class leader due to his strong academics, skills, and broad knowledge. He comes from a very academic family, and learning and scholarship is strong in his genes and in his personality.”

Nicolas (Cole) Cabardo, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, Philippines
Nicolas has completed 14 UNHS courses in his time with UNHS. He wants to finish high school with good grades so he can get into a good college and pursue a college degree in the creative arts. His Spanish teacher made this comment in her recommendation: “Cole was a very high achiever in my class. He consistently earned the highest scores, never getting lower than a 93%. He seemed very adept and able to learn new concepts well. I was quite impressed with this attention to detail and intellect.”

Chana Deren, Cape Town Torah H.S., Cape Town, South Africa
Chana has completed each of her UNHS courses successfully so far. Chana indicated that her long-term educational goal is to study a subject she is passionate about, such as psychology or English, and eventually would like to enter one of those fields. She wants to start her own business and pursue her own career. The dean of her school stated, “Chana is a teacher’s dream: smart, always respectful, always on point and focused, and she is a super strong student academically. Chana does not take short cuts to achieve her consistently excellent results; they are the result of her hard work, sweat, and tears. Chana has very high standards of herself and her work, and always strives to achieve her very best, and is a gifted writer and poet.”

Musya (Chaya) Deren, Cape Town Torah H.S., Cape Town, South Africa
Chaya has successfully completed 15 UNHS courses. Chaya mentioned in her application that UNHS courses have guided her with a high-level education, including those subjects she is very passionate about. Chaya further stated that UNHS courses prepare her for her future educational and career plans. Her school’s principal stated, “Musya is a star student who produces work of a consistently high standard. She is talented, driven and hardworking and the results of this can be seen across the board. Musya is forever pushing herself to achieve more and her drive can be seen in her continuous growth across all subject areas.”

Serena Eiras, HighLand Park Del Viso, Bs As, Argentina, South America
Serena just started with UNHS last summer and is currently enrolled in eight courses. When Serena was asked to describe how UNHS would best meet her educational goals, she stated, “I believe becoming a student of the UNHS would help me better organize my day, help me with critical thinking and enable me to become a problem-solver. I also want to have a well-rounded high school curriculum and I think you can provide me with it. I loved the fact that I had spoken to the principal and the academic advisor and they both seemed genuinely interested in my academic experience.” One of Serena’s teachers shared, “Serena is a committed student that conducts herself in a respectful and attentive manner in the classroom. She is creative, innovative and challenges herself independently. Her assignments are finished to completion and excel beyond my expectations by academic rubrics. Her natural talents reflect through her assignments by being unique and completed with attention to detail.”

Anargha Ganguly, Maharashtra, India
Anargha has successfully completed 16 UNHS courses. Anargha has a long-term educational goal of getting into an NCAA U.S. college and to be a student athlete at the Division I level. One of Anargha’s English teachers mentioned, “He has performed exceptionally well in his IGCSE exams and has time and again performed brilliantly in the internal examinations as well. He has always impressed me with his ability to articulate difficult concepts and understand dense texts. Anargha’s sensitivity to the nuances with English language and his passion for reading and writing sets him apart. He has been an active participant in classroom discussions and his awareness and open-mindedness is note-worthy.”

Sasha Katz, Cape Town Torah H.S., Cape Town, South Africa
Sasha has successfully completed 13 UNHS courses. Sasha stated he believes UNHS will lay down the foundation for his future studies and he has a long-term goal of studying at a university in the United States. Sasha’s school principal stated, “Sasha is a highly talented student who shares his skill and knowledge freely with those around him. Sasha is an absolute all-rounder, excelling in Mathematics, Languages and the Social Sciences. Sasha does this while being a much-depended on leader in our school. His ability to balance his school work while thriving academically is inspiring.”

Keira Kernohan, Cape Town Torah H.S., Cape Town, South Africa
Keira has successfully completed four UNHS courses. Keira has a long-term goal of pursing the arts. One of Keira’s recommendation letters mentioned the following, “Keira is a highly talented student who pushes herself constantly to achieve her very best. She is incredibly motivated and models this to her peers. It has been such a pleasure to see Keira come into her own academically as each semester passes…Keira is blooming into a fine academic across the board pushing herself to explore a diverse range of subjects.” 

Brocha Lewis, Cape Town Torah H.S., Cape Town, South Africa
Brocha started with UNHS back in December 2020 and thus far has successfully completed six courses. She has an immediate goal to accelerate in math while still maintaining good grades so she can advance to AP® Calculus 1 and maybe even AP® Calculus 2! The high school’s coordinator and science teacher said this about Brocha: “Brocha Lewis is an exceptionally hard working, brilliant student. Her work ethic is like no student I have ever taught before. She is currently attempting to complete three UNHS Math courses in a year in order to possibly take both AP® Calculus courses. Brocha possesses insight and understanding beyond her years and processes projects that are of 11th and 12th grade standards. She is a born educator and can be seen tutoring fellow classmates a few days before a progress test.”  

Tuvya Opert, Cape Town Torah H.S., Cape Town, South Africa
Tuvya started with UNHS this last summer and has now successfully completed four courses. Tuvya wants to accelerate in math in order to take AP® Calculus in his final year of high school, while also establishing a good grounding in his kodesh subjects so he can get into a good yeshiva. One of Tuvya’s recommenders stated, “Tuvya has kicked into a new gear this year taking accountability and ownership of his learning, and really stepping up to the plate to excel in independent learning. Tuvya is a natural academic, talented writer, and gifted student. After a more challenging Grade 9, Tuvya has really stepped up in Grade 10 and is showing what he is capable of.”

Andrew Rohloff, Bennington, Nebraska, USA
Andrew started with UNHS in May 2018 and since then has successfully completed 19 UNHS courses. Andrew has a long-term educational goal of obtaining an agribusiness and accounting degree from the University of Nebraska. Taken from one of his recommendation letters was this statement: “…[I]t is obvious that [Andrew] has excellent academic achievements in his college preparatory program of study. I find that extremely impressive considering this is an online program which requires important life skills such as motivation, independence, intelligence, effective time management skills and persistence. However, Andrew also has an abundance of common sense especially for someone his age. He exhibits a great deal of sound judgment which is shown in his level-headedness, ability to understand and assess a situation as well as his willingness to seek advice when needed.”  

Luna Torres, Chia, Cundinamarca, Colombia, South America
Luna has completed 10 UNHS courses since starting back in July 2020. Her long-term dream is to obtain her undergraduate degree from a very prestigious American university and become a successful teacher. Luna’s math tutor commented that, “Luna is a brilliant and disciplined student. She always wants to learn more and to find the reasons why things work as they do. I can see this from our interactions, Luna can always find a solution to a mathematical problem, but unlike the majority of people, she is also eager to find a second or third approach. This is, in my experience, a signature of academic skill and interest.”

Rivka Wineberg, Cape Town Torah H.S., Cape Town, South Africa
Rivka has successfully completed 14 UNHS courses. Rivka mentioned that she is very passionate about art and has a long-term goal of studying something concerning the arts, for example, being an animator, graphic designer, or perhaps a medical illustrator. Rivka’s high school coordinator mentioned in her recommendation that, “Rivka is a hard-working student who adds life and fun to her lessons. She is seen as a leader in our school by the other students. Rivka is a talented young lady. Rivka has worked hard in order to accelerate and will be graduating early.”

Congratulations to these scholarship recipients, as well as every student who submitted an application for consideration! Look for next year’s application on our website in late July 2022.