*** There are 3 Important Things to Know About the Launch of Theorem ***

  1. To prepare for the launch, our current system, WayCool will be restricted to “read-only” status for a period of days before launch. Beginning Friday, April 9 at 12:00 p.m. Central Time, and for the following days: Saturday, April 10, Sunday, April 11, and Monday, April 12, students will be able to read their courses, review material, and view their gradebooks, but will NOT be able to access, save, or submit assignments. Proctors will also be restricted from taking action in the system during this time.  
  2. During this read-only time period for WayCool, administrative access to our systems will also be restricted. Beginning Friday, April 9 at 12:00 p.m. Central Time through Monday, April 12, no enrollments or transcripts will be processed.   
  3. On Tuesday, April 13, WayCool users will receive an email from UNHS asking them to authenticate into Theorem. The email will include the link to Theorem and explain the actions required. Once authenticated, students will be able to work on their UNHS courses in Theorem.

In 1929, our school served our first high school students by mailing independent study lessons out to a remote county in Nebraska. So much has changed in the 90+ years since our school began. Some things have not changed. Cherry County, Nebraska still has more cows than people living in it and UNHS is still focused on serving students wherever and whenever our courses are needed. 

Over the decades, our delivery system has evolved. Our school was among the very first high schools to offer a full diploma online. How long ago was this? Well, let’s just say that we had to explain to our students and families what the internet was all about. (We referred to it as “the information superhighway!”) Our current learning management platform, WayCool is over 20 years old. Through careful management and support from our terrific Information Services team, this rugged platform has served UNHS very well. Every day, thousands of students access our platform to solve equations, journey to the past, join characters in literary adventures and explore the natural world. 

Theorem, our Improved and Updated Learning Management System

Benefits of Theorem Platform
Now in 2021, we are sharing with you the changes to our learning management platform. Theorem is a rebranding and strengthening of our platform. Technical architecture has been updated, performance is improved, and the look and feel of the system has been made current. Although the 1990s were certainly Way Cool, the new interface is a better reflection of where we are as a school today. NU Online Asst. Director of Information Systems, Wes Juranek has focused on what Theorem can mean for students:

"Theorem features a modern, responsive learning platform designed to promote student success through an intuitive user experience, real-time feedback, and engaging content."Wes Juranek

Specifics About Rollout and Changes
Everyone at UNHS is preparing to introduce Theorem. The additional information below is provided to ensure that users are able to plan for this transition:

  • A few days before going live with Theorem, a read-only period will occur in WayCool (see notice above). Users will be notified in advance (an email was sent to current users on March 25, 2021). Students will still be able to read through lessons and consult the gradebook. It will not be possible to submit assignments on the days during read-only status. Also, registrations and proctor changes, transcript requests, course extensions and other administrative requests created during this pause will be processed after the transition.
  • When Theorem goes live, students will receive an email prompting them to set up their account.  
  • In Theorem, students will navigate through the courses in the same way they currently do. Side bar menus will lead them through lessons, units and assessments. Help pop-ups will guide students.
  • Active courses and courses which have expired or been completed 90 days prior to the rollout will convert to Theorem. The EXCEPTION to converted information will be uploaded projects and notebooks. 
  • ACTION ITEM FOR STUDENTS:  Save your UNHS project files, both graded and saved, outside of WayCool by April 2, 2021. If you have made use of course notebooks, please save this information outside of WayCool as well.
  • Student gradebook data will appear in Theorem.
  • Graded progress tests and feedback processed for active courses in WayCool will be migrated to Theorem. 

To current students: please take a moment to look at your calendar and your courses and plan ahead for the transition to Theorem. Please feel free to send questions to highschool@nebraska.edu.