The staff members at UNHS are no strangers to students who display above average academic potential or find time for athletic pursuits while keeping their studies on track. From wunderkinds who score full ride scholarships to Big Ten universities to siblings making waves on the tennis court, UNHS has hosted many amazing students. We believe that circumstances and resources should not inhibit those who desire quality education. For this very reason, UNHS awards the K.O. Broady Scholarship to students who display their commitment to education despite their circumstances.

This year it was particularly challenging to shortlist winners. We had so many amazing applicants that we extended the scholarship to five talented students.


Leah attends Lincoln North Star High School, in Lincoln, Nebraska. She plans to enroll in our First Year German course to accomplish her goal to graduate in 2022 having completed four foreign language courses. Leah’s intelligence and dedication did not go unnoticed. Her middle school teachers say Leah always thinks clearly and concisely, and has been able to comprehend deep-thinking concepts in all areas at school. They believe Leah has an enthusiasm for school that is unmatched by most students.


Addysen is clear about her academic goals. She plans to maintain good grades at Norfolk Senior High School in Norfolk, Nebraska while preparing for the medical field in college. Health challenges made it difficult to keep up with classes at her local school so Addysen signed up for UNHS courses to make sure she didn’t fall behind. She plans to finish her UNHS courses by December 2020. Her teachers consider Addysen highly organized and have routinely observed her complete tasks without assistance.


Kira attends Beth Jacob Congregation in Johannesburg, South Africa for her religious and Hebrew language studies. She’s taking Early American Literature and American History courses with UNHS. She believes in maintaining a high GPA without compromising a holistic understanding of the subject material. She wants to study at a religious institution in Israel and hopes to earn a Ph.D. one day. Her goal is to run a successful music therapy practice and help people. She believes that courses at UNHS have helped her develop essential life skills, like time management and a strong work ethic. Kira’s grandfather informs us that apart from her academic pursuits, she does face painting at parties, has a regular babysitting job, and works at holiday day camps for younger children to ease the financial burden of her education for her parents.


Rose lives in the West Palm Beach, Florida area and plans to pursue a degree in journalism after she graduates high school. She loves the flexibility of setting her own pace in UNHS courses and plans to graduate by May 2019. One of her teachers complimented Rose’s polite and disciplined nature. Rose has impressed her teachers with her analytical abilities even with difficult subjects like Economics. She has enthusiastically and progressively engaged with her studies and continues to take initiative to set herself up for a strong finish to her high school education.


Zoey is transitioning from a traditional high school to an online one to help her pursue her athletic goals without affecting her grades, and to set herself up for success in college as well. Hailing from western New York state near Buffalo, Zoey will be participating in the Elite Aerial Development Program (EADP) that will prepare her for aerial skiing competitions. Based in Lake Placid, New York, the EADP usually has up to 12 athletes training year-round for the Nor-Am Tour. Zoey is self-driven, manages her time well, and works independently with ease. She is adept at prioritizing her tasks and completing them in a timely fashion.

We wish all of our scholarship recipients nothing but the best for the future and we look forward to seeing their achievements, both academic and otherwise.

Congratulations Leah, Addysen, Kira, Rose, and Zoey!