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Free Math Placement Tests Header Graphic 2021

Once again, UNHS is pleased to announce that we are offering free math placement tests during the month of April in recognition of Math Awareness Month (officially renamed Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month since 2017).

Math placement test results assist UNHS in aligning a student’s current demonstrated understanding of the material with the proper course at UNHS, in an effort to give the student the best chance to succeed.

View the infographic we designed for you to explain the details of UNHS math placement tests and to illustrate the significance of having good math skills throughout your life – from being a successful student to being a successful adult.

Save yourself some time and money ($35 per placement test) while also discovering where you stand in math! Visit the UNHS Store and sign up for a free math placement test today. And while you’re there, check out the rest of the 100+ courses UNHS offers across eight subject areas.