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Why do I need to know this?
I’m never going to use it!

How many of us have said these words at some point about something we weren’t particularly excited to spend time and brainpower on? It could be any topic, but often these plaintive words are expressed about mathematics.

But avoidance of math is not a sustainable or wise strategy. The reality is, you will use math throughout your life, from the formal setting of a professional work environment to the casual setting of your daily personal life. And confronting math early and often throughout your education will only serve to make you more comfortable with, and better at, math! 

"Not only is algebra a key to higher math, but many businesses have reported the necessity of teaching new hires basic algebra and geometry before instruction on job specific details. A foundation of awareness of math principles would give any new hires a step up."Linda Wilson, UNHS Math Teacher

The month of April is annually recognized and celebrated as Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month. In honor of this, the University of Nebraska High School is once again offering free math placement tests in algebra and geometry. The results from placement tests help us measure your current understanding of the subject matter with the appropriate UNHS course to increase your chances to succeed.

Take advantage of this offer to both save money and set yourself up for a positive outcome in relevant math courses. Sign up for an algebra or geometry placement test today! 

If you’ve already completed algebra or geometry coursework, take a look in the UNHS Store to see the rest of our 20 math courses and over 100 courses across all subject areas.