The 2015-16 academic year brings many National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) changes for students who will be enrolling in college during the fall of 2016 and beyond. Students seeking eligibility to participate in Division I and Division II college athletics must be aware of these changes and all NCAA rules and regulations regarding academic eligibility.

The changes include:

  • Higher minimum GPA
  • High SAT/ACT test scores
  • New credit requirements for juniors

I want to call special attention to the reduction in time students have to retake a course as now they must do prior to their senior year. It is best to repeat courses right away.

This also means that student-athletes must start “tracking” courses in ninth grade, and it is important that students calculate initial CORE courses and GPA at the conclusion of every semester of high school, so they know where they stand and can work appropriately to meet their goals.

Beyond these specific changes, students working toward NCAA eligibility and their parents should become very familiar with the NCAA rules and regulations. To do so, visit the NCAA Eligibility Center.

For UNHS-specific in regard to NCAA eligibility, please visit our NCAA Eligibility page.