The University of Nebraska High School awarded several students the K.O. Broady Scholarship this fall. This scholarship was established in honor of Dr. K.O. Broady, a pioneer in continuing education in Nebraska, and is intended to assist current or prospective University of Nebraska High School students. Winners are chosen annually and on the basis of financial need, scholastic record and availability of funds.

The 2017 award winners include:

Eva Donnelly

Eva is a diploma student from Omaha, Nebraska. She chose to take courses with UNHS so that she can take the opportunity to travel with her family, all while completing her high school diploma. Eva is an ambitious student who set the goal for herself to graduate with a 4.0 in May of 2019. After high school, she hopes to be accepted to Brown University or Princeton University where she will continue her path to becoming a medical professional. 

Eva’s former teachers from her time at Elkhorn South High School have high remarks for her and her desire to learn. “Eva has a growth mindset that embraces challenge, she learns from her mistakes and she has an intrinsic desire to learn and improve,” said Eva’s High Ability Learner teacher. “She is very goal oriented—already planning and preparing for college.”

Eva likes how UNHS has a wide array of courses to choose from that fit her skill level, knowledge and interests. “I have many options for classes, so I will be able to take the most suitable courses for my educational endeavor. I want to have the best possible education that is offered to me, and this is UNHS,” Eva said.

Sarah Bush

Sarah, originally from Huntsville, Alabama, has lived in China most of her life alongside her parents who manage one of the locations of the nonprofit organization, New Day Foster Home.  Sarah is an active volunteer in the orphanage and has a heart for working with others who are less fortunate.

Sarah has flourished in her homeschool environment. “Sarah has prospered, even under the unusual condition of living in a foreign country and working around the schedule necessitated by her parents’ work,” said one family friend. “I have exchanged emails with Sarah often over the years and have always been impressed with both her articulate communication skills and the maturity she displays.”

The city Sarah lives in doesn’t have many options for an English-led high school, so UNHS gives her the chance to earn a U.S. diploma from an accredited institution. Sarah’s goals for the future include attending an American university where she wants to pursue a career in nursing. She plans to take five courses including Biology 2 and Geometry 2 in the next year, and will earn her diploma by May 2019.

Samuel Roger

Samuel is a first year student with UNHS and he has already made a lasting impression. He has expressed his gratitude for the opportunities that UNHS has provided him.

“In a normal high school, I wouldn’t have the same opportunities that UNHS provides in their courses. I get to be responsible for my own education and the program prepares me for college,” he said.

Samuel has not let his speech delay or dyslexia hinder him from excelling in his online courses or life in general. He is on a journey to become an Eagle Scout and understands the importance of his education and interests in achieving his goals. “All of the activities that I do are important to my education because they teach me about good characteristics—such as generosity, responsibility and leadership—that will help me become a good citizen,” Samuel said. Samuel also wants to join the Big Brothers and Sisters of America association to be a mentor to younger kids.

His educational goals include earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering and become a Robotic Engineer, because he enjoys how robotics work to improve the lives of others.

Those who recommended Samuel for this award confirm his hard-working, leadership and caring characteristics that he has displayed so far. “Samuel has always pushed himself to do well academically,” said one family friend. “He has the motivation and determination to learn and succeed in his education, because he looks forward to the knowledge he will gain and wants to be a success so that he can have many doors open for him to choose from.”

Meghan Foster

Meghan is currently living with her family near Lubango, Angola—her family is currently residing there because of the missionary work her parents’ do that provides health care, access to primary school and evangelism for those who are less fortunate. In addition to being a “lifelong missionary kid”, Meghan enjoys helping out with the horses on the farm her family manages.

Anticipating graduation by December of 2017, Meghan hopes to attend the University of North Carolina where she will be in the pre-med track. She knows UNHS has prepared her for college and knows the application process will go smoothly because she has a high school education from an accredited program. Even though she doesn’t have a traditional high school student’s life, she feels she has not missed out on a great education experience. “UNHS’s variety of challenging and interesting courses have been a great substitute for a conventional high school experience,” Meghan said.

Meghan’s youth minister shares thoughtful words about Meghan and her work-ethic. “Meghan is a committed student, worker, and friend,” he said. “She has developed a strong work ethic, has been able to clearly understand her calling in life, and has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. She is a wonderful example of what homeschooling can do for a student.”

Congratulations to all of these ambitious students!