UNHS had 14 applicants vying for its K. O. Broady Scholarship Fund money this year. Each year, UNHS is able to award approximately $3,500 to $4,000 in scholarships to students interested in furthering their education through UNHS. The 14 applicants this year represented six locations in Nebraska, including Venango, Gibbon, Sidney, Omaha, Gretna, and Holdrege. Other applicants were from Nevada, Ohio, Guam, Philippines, South Africa and Slovakia.

Ten of the applicants are current UNHS students, while four others are interested in taking courses with UNHS for the first time. All students expressed a financial need to some degree. Students were required to submit three letters of recommendation, complete a written application, and provide UNHS with any transcripts or grades from other high schools they have attended.

K.O. Broady Scholarship Fund money has provided over $31,000 to students since its establishment in the 1980’s. This year's winners include:

Kira Katz 

Kira resides in Johannesburg, South Africa. Kira also won a portion of the K.O. Broady Scholarship last year. She believes UNHS will help her reach her goals of a respected and notable high school diploma that will assist her on her life’s journeys. One of Kira’s recommenders states that she “has superb organizing abilities as she manages to study hard and play hard.” A long-term goal of Kira’s is to study psychology in college in preparation for a career helping others. Kira states that UNHS courses are teaching her “the value of persistence, hard work and dedication” and, furthermore, that these qualities will “help me in all aspects of my life.”

Hussein Elmi 

Hussein is from Columbus, Ohio but his family moved to Africa so his parents could pursue volunteer positions at a local university and youth center. While in Africa, Hussein wanted to continue his high school education from accredited, experienced high school such as UNHS. He has earned many awards such as honor roll several years in a row and has received the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence twice. Hussein mentions the importance of learning by stating, “I came to love learning and challenging myself in new and different tasks….I learned how to be curious and follow my passions and dreams. I learned the value of being dedicated to something. I learned how to lose, and win. I learned to never stop believing, and to never doubt myself. And most importantly, I learned how to work hard.” Hussein witnessed suffering in Africa and asked himself how he could help. He hopes that his education with UNHS will be the foundation to support his entry into a post-secondary career that will eventually lead to earning a medical degree that he can use to help others in Africa someday.

Monique Vieux 

Monique is located in Piti, Guam. After high school graduation she wants to attend Holy Cross University in Worcester, Massachusetts and earn a Bachelor’s in Theology, with the intention of going on to earn her PhD. Monique is pleased that UNHS offers her access to an accredited high school education in Guam, an education that will “set me up for future success,” she states. Monique also plans to take advantage of dual enrollment courses offered through UNHS and the University of Nebraska at Omaha. One of Monique’s scholarship recommenders mentions how “Monique is far above her peers in academic ability. She is a great listener, she processes the information, researches more as needed, makes excellent comments and would be an excellent candidate for any advanced curriculum.” 

Kaylin Neumann

Kaylin resides in Sidney, Nebraska and indicates that UNHS is helping her move through her courses at her own pace while still getting her ready for college. She hopes to earn her UNHS diploma by December 2020. One recommender of Kaylin states, “Kaylin sets very high standards for herself in all that she does. This carries into her school work, dance, athletics and personal character. She is very intelligent and well spoken and truly cares about everything she does.” Kaylin’s long-term goal is to become an occupational therapist. 

Filip Habsuda

Filip lives in Nova Dubnica, Slovakia. He is excited about the possibility of learning Spanish as he has been living in Spain for over three years but has now moved back home to Slovakia. Filip states that UNHS has helped him to have more time to focus on his long-term goals. He also has time to do more exercising and get more involved in his personal fitness. With UNHS, he has the flexibility to organize his time much better and do courses online, yet still find time for other interests. One recommendation commenter states, “Filip is a very proactive student that knows how to work independently and how to motivate himself in order to achieve his goals. Over the last three years, Filip has demonstrated great organizational skills and has shown consistency in his work on a regular basis.” 

All K.O. Broady Scholarship winners were notified on Friday, October 18 and have until December 18, 2019 to enroll in courses covered by their scholarships.

Congratulations Kira, Hussein, Monique, Kaylin, and Filip!