In 2021, UNHS will be launching our updated learning management system, rebranded as Theorem, to replace WayCool. While students will continue to work through courses as they do now, Theorem will introduce a fresh new look and intuitive navigation to deliver a high-quality user experience to students, proctors, and teachers. A specific launch date will be announced in January, as well as news about the migration from WayCool to Theorem.

Theorem will feature a responsive design that allows students to be successful no matter what device and network they have available to them. Theorem will also incorporate metrics that allow staff to evaluate the effectiveness of the system in facilitating student success.

What you should prepare for:

The first time you log in to Theorem, you will have to change your password from what it was in WayCool. Watch for news from UNHS about other changes that will get the Theorem experience off to a great start.  

The UNHS Store, UNHS website, and UNHS contact information will remain unchanged when Theorem is introduced.