For online students, organization is essential to success. You are in charge of setting deadlines and completing assignments in a timely manner to complete your courses.

Here are some organizational necessities.

  1. Yearly calendar. Map out your assignments, keeping in mind the time it will take to complete them. Create deadlines for yourself that also make sense with your personal and activities schedules.
  2. Weekly to-do list. Even with a yearly calendar set, it is helpful to break down your assignments to tasks you can complete each day of the week.
  3. Daily checklist. A daily checklist is a great way to make sure you stay on track for your weekly goals.

It may seem excessive, but breaking down all of your courses into manageable deadlines will help you stay on top of everything and keep you from getting overwhelmed. As you get more comfortable with these tools and get them initially set up they will prove to save you a lot of time in the long run.