It sounds too good to be true—earn college credit for University of Nebraska High School courses.

But it is true, and there are many benefits.

Thanks to UNHS’ partnership with the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO), students interested in starting their college career early can do so by registering with UNO and completing one, two or all of the following UNHS courses:

  • Sociology
  • Psychology

AP Comparative Government & Politics

Upon completion, students receive a transcript from UNO—benefit No. 1—as well as their UNHS credit—benefit No. 2.

“It really does feel like taking a normal UNHS course except the bonus is earning both high school and college credit,” student Rachel Bielstein said.

Rachel took one dual enrollment course in the fall and plans to take another this spring. She decided to take advantage of the program to have a lighter course load in college—benefit No. 3.

The good news for Rachel, and other interested students, is that UNHS intends to add more courses to the dual enrollment list.

“There are currently two additional courses we are working on to make them eligible for UNO credit, and we have no intention of stopping there,” said UNHS Director Barbara Wolf Shousha. “We can make the academic opportunity of earning college credit in high school possible for students no matter where they are or what their schedule—that access to educational opportunities is always our goal."

The more courses UNHS offers, the more long-term savings there are for students as well—benefit No. 4. Using the University of Nebraska campuses as an example, the average cost per college course is $648, but the cost of a dual enrollment course is just $250. That’s almost $400 in savings. This breakdown doesn’t include all the fees associated with college courses either, which would mean more savings through dual enrollment.

For students who have taken a UNHS course before, they need to be aware that the time given to complete a course is different. Instead of a full year, dual enrollment students must complete the entire UNHS course within the designated semester.

Spring 2015 Semester
Registration: January 5 – March 15
Course Completion by May 15

Students should also check to make sure that the college they intend to apply to will accept UNO credit. If they have any additional questions, contact an Academic Adviser

“For me it was nerve-racking at first to think I was already taking a college-level course,” Rachel said. “But after I got started it felt just like a normal UNHS course. Just study and work hard just like you would in any high school course."

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