Important Notice: Before your school closes for summer break, please ensure that the UNHS Local School Approval Form is sufficiently completed! This form is used to confirm that the courses you have selected will be approved to transfer to your school and to provide us with proctor contact information for the person who will be administering your tests.

For a limited time, make your summer count even more: 10 tuition-free courses in May & June 2021!

One of the most treasured hallmarks of summer for many students is the blank canvas of opportunities it offers – the vast choices of sceneries and backdrops to discover and pursue. There is no one right way to spend a summer and that’s the beauty of the season. For some students, the best choice for them is to use summer as a time to relax and reset. For other students, the best choice is to use summer as a time to catch up, stay on track, or get ahead in their academic goals.

Flexibility has always been the centerpiece of benefits offered by the University of Nebraska High School. And what’s more flexible than having options and resources available to maximize your summer to accomplish your academic goals?

Male student smiling outdoors - Your Summer, Your Future: Make it Count!

Open enrollment means you can sign up for a UNHS course any day of the year, not just during an imposed enrollment period. Additionally, our self-paced, independent study approach offers students the ability to take as few as five weeks or up to a year to complete any course. 100+ core, elective, AP®, dual enrollment, and NCAA-approved courses across eight subject areas also offers a wide variety of choices for students. And our proprietary online delivery system means that students can complete their courses from wherever they are and wherever they choose to go. 

Catch Up

Even the best of intentions can stray course sometimes, and one’s educational journey isn’t immune to that. Perhaps your journey was sidetracked due to unforeseen circumstances – who saw COVID-19 coming? Maybe your education was placed on pause due to a mental or physical illness or condition of your own or another family member. Maybe you moved unexpectedly in the middle of your school year. There are many reasons you may need to catch up. UNHS isn’t here to judge you. We’re just here for you.

Stay on Track

Have you set a personal goal to graduate in a specific number of months or years? Taking courses during the summer can keep you on track to meet that goal. But staying on track doesn’t only imply sticking to a timeline goal. Staying on track also means mentally: Summer is an opportune time to keep your study skills in shape, maintain your focus, and build on the motivation and energy you have gained by finishing strong the previous school year. Keep the momentum rolling while subject matter and good study habits are still fresh in your mind!

Get Ahead

Who says high school must take four years and who says what age you must be? That’s a decision for you and your family. Many UNHS courses are suitable for some middle school students or even bright pre-teens who want to be challenged. UNHS also offers 10 courses for dual enrollment credit with the University of Nebraska at Omaha, which means eligible students can earn college credit while still in high school. Advanced Placement® courses, offered in six subject areas at UNHS, also prepare students for college. 

Interested in our courses this summer? Check with your local district or contact us directly. Or if you’re ready to begin, enroll now!