Excellent athletic skills and “coachability” along with strong academics is an ideal combination for student athletes hoping to be recruited at the next level. But even with these assets, it’s important that students pursuing university and college athletics learn all required information from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) as well as the recruitment process in general—this will require a lot of reading on your part.

Checklist For Learning NCAA Requirements

  1. You're off to a good start since you've make it to this point in this article!
  2. Next up, I suggest the NCAA Guide for the College Bound Athlete. It provides you with a checklist, important policy changes, a calendar of deadlines and much more.
  3. Students need to plan their academic schedule to include the proper NCAA-approved courses to be eligible for the collegiate athletics. Take time to read the University of Nebraska High School (UNHS) course descriptions to select the most appropriate CORE courses. UNHS’ college preparatory diploma sequence is designed to help the student make a plan for success, but along with the UNHS diploma requirements, you need to accomplish specific grade point averages as compared to ACT/SAT official scores.
  4. Read about the athletic recruitment process in general to gain important insights. You can find many books available for guidance, so do this along with researching your colleges of interest.
  5. CollegeBoard’s Big Future website is an excellent resource for researching college admission requirements and making sure you have taken the right courses to show evidence of academic discipline and challenge. You may refer to BigFuture’s College Search to get started.

In summary, if you desire to play a sport in college, be chosen for the college of your choice and possibly earn an athletic scholarship, then start reading! Learning and understanding the requirements, process and options will serve you very well throughout your journey.