Although most students love learning, senioritis often sets in at some point during their careers—and it doesn’t always wait until 12th grade!

To help you fight the apathy, I suggest setting goals that make sense for you. These could be:

  • Accelerating your learning
  • Taking a heavier course load
  • Completing higher-level courses
  • Taking courses in your interest areas

The University of Nebraska High School’s open enrollment policy means students can enroll any day of the year, providing excellent flexibility for students with unique schedules or those trying to fit extra courses in—for example, during the summer.

UNHS’ online courses are also self-paced, meaning you can complete them in 5-to-52 weeks. With this option you could push through courses quickly to meet a specific timeline, or you can take your time on courses that may be more challenging for you.

Finally, the scope of UNHS’ course offerings—which cover eight subject areas, career and STEM—means there is plenty for you to choose from to pursue your specific interests.

Checklist For Staying Motivated

Here are some specific to-dos to help you ward off senioritis.

  • Take a heavy course load. This may allow you to graduate earlier than in four years, and it would give you great practice for the intensity of post-secondary study.
  • Fulfill all college admission requirements. If you have you been presented with a college acceptance letter and/or scholarships, remember that it is likely based on the assumption that you will complete the second half of your college-preparatory courses.
  • Take challenging courses. Rigorous courses will help you maintain the study skills necessary for college success. They will also help you avoid letting your school work slide.
  • Map out your goals. Whether for college or career, writing out your goals can help you see what you can accomplish today to keep your stress level low.

As we head into summer, now is a great time to reassess your goals and figure out ways to best use the upcoming months to fulfill them. I wish you luck! You can do it!