Summertime provides a great opportunity for students to catch up or get ahead in their education.

The flexibility of UNHS courses offers a great fit for even the busiest of summer schedules. Enrollment is available any day of the year and courses are self-paced, allowing students to take as few as five weeks (from the first submitted assignment) up to one year to complete. UNHS offers 100+ core, elective & AP courses online in eight subject areas. UNHS also offers several dual enrollment courses and all core and AP courses are NCAA-approved. So whether students are wanting to stay on track to graduate, avoid potential scheduling conflicts or simply want to take a course that sounds interesting, we encourage them to consider the many course options available with UNHS!

Advice from UNHS Adviser, Debby Bartz:

Summertime is a chance to foster academic progress. Summer is the telescope of the next school year.

  • When students look to the future, the sunny season is an opportunity for a head start in an Advanced Placement course or other courses to be studied in the next academic year.
  • The dog days of summer are the perfect time to curl up with a new textbook under a shade tree.
  • Summer learning gives students a chance to take a course for personal interest or hobbies in courses such as Discovering Music or Astronomy. UNHS courses can be completed in as little time as five weeks from the first submitted assignment. This still leaves time for a break or looking at the stars.
  • Summer allows for a trimester of enrollments, and helps students accelerate toward their graduation goals.
  • Daylight savings in June-August are the perfect time to repeat a course, close the gap, and earn a stronger grade.
  • The picnic days help students to hang on to their academic compass and stay focused on school work with good habits and strong study skills.
  • Being a life-long learner all year long demonstrates self-motivation, being industrious, an enthusiasm for learning, self-direction, and perseverance; a summative way to shine.