The University of Nebraska High School is an accredited online high school that publishes its student honor roll twice a year.

To qualify for honor roll, students must be enrolled as a diploma student, complete five or more courses, and earn a grade of B or better in all courses during the designated time period. Time periods run August 1 through January 31 and February 1 through July 31. 

Congratulations Honor Roll Students!

First Name Last Name State Country
Mohammed Al Mutairi   Qatar
Hansel Harel Ang   Philippines
Matthew Artuso MI United States
Vivek Kiran Ballakur   India
Tyler Batt NE United States
James Belden FL United States
Jack Bowers CO United States
Zachary Burton FL United States
Junyoung Chae   South Korea
Minyoung Chae   South Korea
Roomaline Chemaly   Haiti
Gabriela Correa Castellanos   Guatemala
Charles Courteau   Canada
Marcella Cruz NJ United States
William Davis TX United States
Mohamad Dimachkie   Saudi Arabia
Eva Donnelly NE United States
Prisca Dowden DE United States
Wilson Ferraro AZ United States
Amelia Flanagan FL United States
Christian Garofalo IN United States
Jace Guadagnoli CO United States
Casper Gundersen FL United States
Soljee Han   South Korea
Batya Hepple   South Africa
Hayley Houston WA United States
Brittany Johnson NY United States
Simcha Jubiler   South Africa
Siwon Kang   South Korea
Kira Katz   South Africa
Dan A Kim   South Korea
Lucia Jin Kim   South Korea
Ro A Kim   South Korea
Ford Lammas   Thailand
Jungsoo Lee   South Korea
Bonhee Lee   South Korea
Paulina Lukini FL United States
Mubeen Malik   Pakistan
Grant Mannschreck NE United States
Jocelyn Marrero FL United States
Bradley Marston FL United States
Hyeongbin Ohn   South Korea
Jeongsu Park   South Korea
Sieun Park   South Korea
Lance Pollonais   Spain
Ahmed Rayan   Mauritania
Jordi Redelijk FL United States
Agnes Reed WA United States
Genna Rinaldi IL United States
Austin Roe NE United States
Amelia Sawalich MN United States
Tania Schouten   Romania
Gabrielle Sokolow CA United States
Moussa Elkadhem Tekrour   Mauritania
Emmanuelle Togbe Ngaguedeba   Chad
Travis Treloar   Norway
Prisca Tshiakwiza   Congo, Democratic Republic
Monique Vieux CT United States
Caroline Watkins TX United States
Brandon Watson HI United States
Sydney White AP United States
Andrea Willems NE United States
DeAngelo Williams AZ United States
Margot Williams TX United States
Dong Myeong Yoo   South Korea
Katelynn Young   Philippines