Anjaneshwar, 4.0 GPA student with UNHS

UNHS honor roll student and soon-to-be graduate Anjaneshwar Ganesan will be attending the University of Nebraska–Lincoln this fall after learning that he has received the Global Laureate Scholarship, a scholarship that is awarded to international students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and have met the English language requirement for unconditional admission. Anjaneshwar has also been accepted into the UNL Honors Program where he will study physics.

A documentary on Albert Einstein introduced Anjaneshwar to the world of theoretical physics. Diving deeper into the world of pure science, Anjaneshwar has expressed a desire to work someday for world-renowned laboratories such as the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the largest particle-physics lab in the world, and The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO).

Anjaneshwar attends The English-Speaking School of Lubumbashi, an international school in Democratic Republic of the Congo that partners with UNHS to provide its students a full American high school diploma. When he isn’t at school or dreaming about astrophysics, Anjaneshwar is teaching underprivileged kids in Lubumbashi. All this while being an honor roll student with an impressive 4.0 GPA.

To students aspiring to take AP® and STEM courses, Anjaneshwar insists that they need to have the patience and initiative to think and gain insights into the subjects.

"I can vouch that UNHS courses are well-aligned towards STEM and gives so much variety for students. The concept of self-study is the first step to be successful in STEM." Anjaneshwar

Anjaneshwar hopes to one day earn a Ph.D. that will help accomplish his dream of working with research labs. UNHS courses are designed to prepare students for the academic rigors of higher education and Anjaneshwar considers himself well suited for the task. He adds, “I lose track of time when I gain diverse and in-depth knowledge of different fields of physics and going through a meticulous and rigorous thought process of how these bodies of knowledge fit together on a grander scale."

The option to study at his own pace through UNHS allowed Anjaneshwar to plan extracurricular activities with ease. He is a member of the Social Action Committee (SAC) at his school, a group that focuses on community service. His responsibility is to teach English to students in a local underprivileged Congolese school. The biggest challenge in teaching English to French-speakers is having a firm grasp of both French and English while connecting to the students at their level.

A conventional high school workload would not have allowed Anjaneshwar to take on responsibilities that extend well beyond the academic curriculum. From the fifth grade to his junior year, he has tutored students from the third grade all the way up to the tenth grade in mathematics and computer science. The flexibility of UNHS courses has allowed him to manage his time efficiently. UNHS students can register for courses at any time of the year, work at their own pace, and access study materials 24/7. This left Anjaneshwar with enough time for his intellectual pursuits, community service, and to improve his tennis game.

"I could choose my courses without compromising my passion for physics." Anjaneshwar

Anjaneshwar has participated in various competitions throughout his life, with the science fair at his school being his favorite. He has consistently won first place in his school’s science fair since the eighth grade. Anjaneshwar also loves to participate in math and science quizzes but balances his intellectual achievements with athletic ones. He has placed among the top three contestants in the tennis tournaments he’s participated in so far and also represents his school in volleyball tournaments.

Achieving your goals is not just about hard work and dedication but also about systematically planning your academic and extra-curricular projects, and online courses from UNHS allowed Anjaneshwar to do just that. He is excited to be studying in a Big Ten university and is eagerly looking forward to joining the UNL community on campus this fall.

"I have goals of pursuing research in the near future, and the UNL Honors Program is an ideal platform for me to embark on my intellectual journey." Anjaneshwar

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