In today's society students need to begin developing employment skills when they are in high school. They should focus on:

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Problem-Solving & Decision-Making
  • Technology
  • Multi-Language
  • Leadership

Many of these characteristics can be gained through successful completion of University of Nebraska High School courses.

In this article, we will focus on organization skills.

Just like you are learning to balance multiple courses and activities right now, in the business world you will be expected to handle multiple projects at one time.

Begin by understanding that as a full-time student you have a full-time job. All students have 168 hours in a week but some make better use of the time than others.

Right now, focus on learning how to design timelines, prioritize assignments and complete tasks in the appropriate sequential order. Create a semester schedule, assess and plan your work load for each week, adjust the plan each day and consistently evaluate your schedule. Keeping an accurate semester schedule will keep you moving forward with assignments. A daily to-do list is also helpful and should include goals, projects and deadlines.

Qualities such as self-discipline, motivation, curious learning and being resourceful will help you prevent social activities from interfering with your study time.

You should also enroll in rigorous courses, so you are challenged. This will force you to manage your time and develop study skills.

For those of you who are preparing for college admissions, keep in mind that most universities advise students to study at least two hours outside of class for every hour spent in class, and some recommend even more. This could be something you start practicing now.

Treating school like a full-time job and adopting the hours and work ethic of a full-time employee could result in better, more efficient management of your time.

For more information visit the UNHS resources section