Attention students: Before your school closes for summer break, please get the UNHS Local School Approval Form completed! This form is used to confirm that the courses you have selected will be approved to transfer to your school and to give us contact information for the person who will be administering your tests.

Students are advised to consider coursework throughout the year to meet academic goals. 

The decision to take courses over the summer involves both short and long term consideration as well as short and long term consequences. The further students can see themselves into the future, the better decisions they will make for themselves. Fall, spring, and summer allows for a trimester of course enrollments, and helps many students accelerate toward their educational goals, including graduation.

Many students find themselves wanting to continue learning in some form or fashion over the summer. For example, some UNHS diploma students want to continue moving forward with their personalized curriculum plan. Other students choose UNHS to supplement their education at a local school and express interest in taking specific courses to set themselves up for success heading into the fall semester. Some students make use of their summer by repeating a course to gain better mastery of content and a stronger grade, and some students use summer to take a course in a subject of personal interest.


UNHS courses help students address any number of personal reasons for continuing their studies over the summer, and since each student’s educational needs and overall academic plans are unique to him/her, the very nature, design, and breadth of subject matter in UNHS courses proves beneficial to achieving a wide range of goals.

What are some of the flexible features of UNHS courses that make them ideal for summer?

  • Self-paced – five-week minimum to one year maximum course completion time
  • Open enrollment – enroll in any UNHS course any time, any day, all year long
  • Online – All UNHS courses are offered online, providing maximum portability during summer travel
  • Responsive staff – UNHS staff is here to support you all year long, including during the summer

Taking courses over the summer is especially important for students heading into their junior and senior years as these years involve added time and effort preparing for college entrance exams and admission applications. Students seeking NCAA eligibility in college also benefit from summer courses by getting a head start on their fall semester and allowing more time for their athletic training and competitions.

The brain needs exercise all year long, and sustained study efforts help to form great life-long habits. Summer courses help students keep their study skills sharp, motivation elevated, and overall level of academic preparedness in top shape!

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