Important Notice: Before your school closes for summer break, please ensure that the UNHS Local School Approval Form is sufficiently completed! This form is used to confirm that the courses you have selected will be approved to transfer to your school and to provide us with proctor contact information for the person who will be administering your tests.

For many students, summer is synonymous with vacation. Summer means freedom, mobility, and relaxation – a welcome departure from a usually busy academic schedule. And for some, it is true, summer coincides with a break from studies. Summer is a time to take advantage of pleasant weather, to travel, and to explore other opportunities and places. However, summer also offers an ideal opportunity to catch up or advance personal educational goals.

Summer School 2019 Hit the Roads and the Books

Summer travel plans and academic progress do not need to be mutually exclusive activities!

Students are pleasantly surprised to learn that a change of venue and pace in summer can be advantageous to their grades. Students report becoming better writers, seeing connections and gaining new perspectives through travel and other summer experiences that translate into academic success.

One of the many great features about UNHS is that we offer open enrollment in our courses. That means students can enroll in any UNHS course, any day of the year. Our generous and flexible course completion timeframe allows students to complete courses in as few as five weeks or as many as 52 weeks, so students who enroll in a UNHS course now can finish yet this summer or continue their coursework into next year. 

Students choose to take UNHS courses over the summer for a wide variety of reasons, but the goal is universal: to keep progressing in their academic journey.

Some students continue their studies over the summer because they want to keep moving forward with their personalized curriculum plan to earn a UNHS diploma, while others choose UNHS courses to supplement their educational path with a local school. Some supplemental students choose UNHS for credit recovery and others are motivated to get a head start on graduation. Personal aspirations and interests in a subject area also motivate students to enroll in summer courses. Student-athletes benefit from summer courses as well. Summer is often a busy time for athletes and the self-paced, online nature of UNHS courses is ideally suited for competition and training schedules.

Are you interested in aligning your summer with continued academic success?

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